Win a UK Road Trip with a Mini World Record Attempt (on Facebook)

Posted on: September 29th, 2010 by Jason 7 Comments

Mini have really taken to using social networks to promote themselves lately and for their latest competition they’ve gone one step further. They’ve just launched a Mini World Record Attempt Competition. The idea is that you invite friends from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and 4Square to join you in your mini. The person who attracts the most friends by the closing date will win.

Mini World Record Facebook Competition

The prize is a UK road trip! You get a Mini Countryman for a week and during that time you’ll be able to enjoy “the bright lights of London, the stunning scenery of the North Downs and the traditional seaside atmosphere of Poole”. Accommodation is included and there’s host of activities, such as a Flight for 2 on the London Eye with glass of Pimms each, for you as well.

We have to admit that this is pretty much a vote request type competition. The idea is to get as many people as you can clicking your link and jumping in your Mini. The possible saving grace is that Mini limit how much time you have to enter the competition. Once your Mini is up and running you have exactly 48 hours to attract people to join you.

The downside is that the leaderboard is already topped by someone with 113 people in their Mini. This has two responses! One a lot of people won’t bother trying the competition and two, it’ll give people a target to beat if they try and cheat (and we’ll be amazed if they don’t!).

We’ll be keeping an eye on proceedings and seeing just who picks up the most number of passengers. We’ve also posted on Mini’s wall about perhaps offering a prize draw for all entrants, we’ll see if they respond!

The competition runs until 8th November and is open to UK residents over 21 only.

Mini World Record Attempt Competition

  • felixthecat

    def like a voting comp and seen a name on the list already who has many fake/bought Fb accounts…. another decent company and genuine entrants about to be scammed yet again 🙁

  • libra100

    An interesting concept, but definitely a ‘vote’ competition.

    Competition promoters should ensure that the terms and conditions are followed faithfully, otherwise it will end up as another free for all, with lots of bad feeling.

  • offy66

    Sounds like fun until you hear how many the current winning entry has and then you don’t bother entering, which somewhat defeats the point. I definitely think promoters should move aways from voting competitions.

  • tiddles12

    I get really p***ed off with these voting comps. Once you have your foot in the door,a nd are the firts comper to collect/rally votes, you are already ahead of the game, ad no one else stands a chance. Get rid of FB and twitter voting comps PLEASE!

  • missblastoff

    I feel I should stand up for myself here, as it’s me that’s top of the leaderboard! The first I heard of this competition was when I clicked on a link on a friend’s Facebook Wall – next thing I knew, I was in her Mini and had accidentally clicked a button that had started my 48 hour countdown! I thought I’d better check out the T&Cs, and when I realised I would love to win the prize I thought I’d give it a go. As tiddles says, I was lucky in that I was probably the first comper to find the promotion and all my friends were clicking the link to jump into my car as they hadn’t seen the competition before. However, I didn’t badger or harass people in any way (I tweeted about 5 times, and posted about 5 Facebook messages in the 48 hour period), and looking at the avatars of people who are in my Mini, half of them aren’t even my friends – they’re people who’ve clicked on my friend’s links! Anyway, I’m sure I won’t be in the lead for much longer as I know there are a LOT of people out there who can rustle up 1000 or so friends in a couple of days. But I do wish this wasn’t another ‘I’ve got more friends than you’ competition, it’s frustrating that promoters think this is the only way to get visitors to their Facebook page.

  • tiddles12


    I voted for you Di, as I know you from another site,so I am in your mini. I will be really pleased if you win the prize, so again my comments were not aimed at you per se, but the whole voting thing on FB and twitter really irritates me, as do games where you need a high score, but then I am just becoming a moaning comper recently!!

  • It was tempting to put my own link on Loquax as the way for others to find the comp as I quite liked the look of the prize for a change… but that’d have been a tad naughty I guess.

    But then a tweet/FB post only attracted a few people – and I couldn’t be bothered to try any further.

    Either that or people just don’t want me to have a holiday :o(