Win an Exclusive Loquax Hoodie!

Posted on: November 17th, 2008 by Jason 255 Comments

It’s the competition you’ve all been waiting for! The Loquax Mugs are back up for grabs in our advent competition but to whet your appetite for these much sought after prizes we’re giving away an exclusive – very limited edition – black Loquax hoodie! There are currently only 10 of these in the entire world – eight of them are currently distributed amongst the team and in the hands of our friends at Jackpotjoy.

That means we have 2 to giveaway! We’ll have one this for this competition, and then another later in the month. The hoodie is black and a large size (that’s what we’ve got) and has the Loquax logo embroidered on the left hand side.

Loquax Hoodie

Entering is easy – we want you to go to our Christmas Offers & Vouchers section and take a look at the various deals available to help you save money this year.

Then come back here and tell us which one is the best for you!

The competition will close on 24th November.

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  • Luciet79

    OMG a LOQUAX Hoody!!!!!!!! How exciting!!! 🙂

    The best deals for me are the ones!! I think that site is ace and has amazing prices anyway!

  • juliehinson

    £5 discount at find a gift, as i am having real trouble buying for some people this xmas

  • mally_cat

    Free delivery at Waterstones and Greenfingers will come in handy.

  • jillywiz

    At this time of year always I’m always on the lookout for novelty stocking items so the £5 off at Hawkins Bazaar is my favourite deal of the moment but a Loquax hoodie now that would be something else.


  • dancer2712

    I too love it has deal of the day, deal of the week, dvds, cds, and now buy and sell ticket section. So much to choose from too

  • relisys222

    Oooh how much do I want that prize ….

    50% discount at Pizza Hut … who can resist 50%

  • Binrat

    play dot com for me too, 3 sons with assorted consoles to buy games for – their prices are great and delivery prompt too!

  • aliali

    As like me, my bedroom furniture is falling apart, so I’ve selected oakfurnitureland as my favourite deal.

  • maci234 for me fantastic site and goods

  • jacob_danladi

    I think the Chocolate Now deal will be most useful since that’s what my girlfriend keeps demanding….

  • chris14

    10% Discount at Burton.

  • welsh34 is my favourite deal as my son is really into music and Dvds at the moment and it helps me save a lot.

  • stephen55

    snapfish is the one for me

  • Zoe Spinner

    Gotta be the fiver off at Hawkins Bazaar – I love this shop!!!

  • poppyjosie

    33% at Snapfish. That’s the grandparents sorted! LOL

    *falls to floor and BEGS for hoodie* … Hey, it can’t do any harm, right?! LOL

  • Winenut

    Yip the is the best deal for me as my friends 15 year old boy only ever wants DVD’s or games for his PSP.

  • jimbo999

    play or amazon would be the best deal for my xmas list and in general

  • cat

    Wow, I love this prize and would wear it with pride 😀

    The best ones for me are the free delivery at Waterstones as I buy a lot of books for Xmas and also the deal day at looks good as I have 2 DVD’s I need to buy so will check it out

  • loma wood

    The best for me is the Asda deals,,,,,,,,,,,saving the pennies!

  • maisietoo

    15% off chocolates!

  • Starbuck for me! I spend an absolute fortune with them at Christmas.

  • penny_mum

    15% off chocolates. What a GREAT way for all of us to start their Christmas celebrations!

  • emily

    £5 off £30 at Hawkins Bazaar. They have tons of stocking fillers so it’s easy to make the minumum spend here. Thanks for the comp, freezing here so a hoodie would be handy!

  • rchlbentley

    Well i think will benefit me the most.
    With 2 boys and one gadget mad husband its a sure hit.
    Ohhh and a hoodie…how cool!!!

  • Demonica

    The £5 off at Firebox is best for me, I’ll be dropping by that site for Xmas pressies.

    A Loquax hoodie?! Faberoonie!

  • jools1977

    33% at Snapfish is the best deal for me

  • janewendy

    33% Discount at Snapfish off photo calendars I got some last year and they made really nice presents.

  • lindwaine for me. I love my music and am always on the hunt for CD’s.

    Would love a hoodie….thanks for running this.

  • Sassenach is one of my favourite sites. The prices are great and goods arrive quickly.

  • catz

    It would have to be 15% Discount at Chocolate Now, I mean, “COME OM”, who can resist chocolate. Always a handy stocking filler and maybe a little treat for myself.
    Just love to own A Loquax hoodie

  • alison66

    15% of chocolate now! as I like the discount and the fact that they are gift wrapped by hand

  • sharronannb

    Definetley the £5 off Hawkins bazaar – I love them for stocking fillers!

  • ladette

    10% at A1 gifts. the bulls**t button made me smile.
    i think i’ll get one for the secret santa at work.

  • Red Robin

    definetly for me and the kids. grandparents get all their pressies from there and get them posted straight to us!

  • RubyRing

    33% of at snapfish for me – I shall enjoy creating a calender of pics of the kids for their grandparents and at a third of the price!

  • karende

    I’m going to go for the £3.00 discount at – can never have too much alcohol hic

  • Bev71

    The £5 off at Hawkins Bazaar – I always shop there so will definitely use this!

  • cadmus666

    Deal Day at I shop with them all the time

  • clarets14

    the best one for me is Deal Day at the grandkids spend all my money there lol

  • car01e

    the firebox £5 discount. i used it to buy my b-i-l a flying alarm clock!

    a loquax hoodie would be amazing!!!! never mind winning one , that would be fantastic…but id even be prepared to buy one!!!


  • sheena444

    The deal of the day at looks pretty good.

  • melandjake

    I love so checking out the deal of a day is a must for me

  • kimandthomas

    15% off chocolates is just fabulous
    Don’t need much of an excuse to over-indulge at Christmas anyway ^^

  • cheekyd19

    Wow a Loquax hoodie how cool is that !
    I would have to say the best discount offer for me would be the 15% discount at chocolate now as I love chocolate !
    Thanks for running a great competition 🙂

  • SBrunette

    I would say play.coms deal of the day but i just noticed superdrug do free delivery if you spend over £35 which i was unaware of, so now i know that i will opt for Superdrug.

  • JILL

    Deal Day at

    Thanks for Posting 😉

  • donkey21

    Definately Waterstones for me. If hubby has some decent books he doesn’t notice how long I am on here.

  • lew15da

    The best for me would be the 50% discount at MacDonalds Hotel during January and February 2009

    A loquax hoody would be good and so would a mug which I would put on my desk at work with pride 🙂

  • Lauraloo44

    The best deal for me is Hawkins Bazaar – boy I love that shop! We’re having a “silly and cheapish pressies” Christmas this year so Hawkins Bazaar fits the bill for me – plus one has not long opened in my local highstreet :).

  • bruceebabee

    The 33% off snapfish would be my best bet at the mo, after my brother finding me after nearly ten years thanks to Facebook i have a lot of photographs to print 🙂

  • cindyg

    £5 off at Firebox sounds pretty good to me – so I can get myself something, as well as all the presents for other people!

  • silverbird

    Whoa! Nice prize!

    For me the best deal would be £5 off at Hawkin’s Bazaar. I love that store and there is always something really unusual for anybody you have to buy for.

    In fact, I’m off there right now! Thank you!

  • athenajm

    33% off at snapfish for me. I love their photobooks as souvenirs of my holidays.
    The loquax hoodie looks cool, fingers crossed on this one

  • Hels76

    Has to the the 33% snapfish one for me – just coming back from Eurodisney and with 250 photos to print (after cutting them down!) will definately come in handy.

    Love the hoodie – great for keeping warm whilst watching the pennies and keeping the heating off for as long as possible!

  • tubbyj

    £3 Discount at is best for me

  • MrsNipps

    Deal of the Day at

    I’d love to snuggle up in that hoodie!

  • miss claire

    33% Discount at Snapfish

    Love to give loved ones presents with my gorgeous 3 year old Samuel – especially this year with all the news about that little boy.

  • dkmeyers

    Deal Day at, Play is cheap with a great range of products

  • burgerman

    Play deal of the day

  • flumpypup

    I would say free delivery from Ann Summers for some festive fun!! 😉

    Hoody looks cool, thanks for the competition!

  • fizzwig

    A hoddie, WOW! I would wear it with comping pride!!!

    Best offer for me is £5 at Hawkins Bazaar, I love the website, and always stock up on all sorts of stocking fillers for Christmas. They have a shop in Ipswich, with lots of battery powered toys racing all over the place, it’s great fun!!!!!!!

  • amandasteel2000

    15% at chocolate now. mmm choclate!

  • linheiner

    Forget the pressies – I’ll just get myself some nice perfume from FragranceDirect with the 5% discount!
    And the great hoodie would keep me warm during those long winter evenings glued to the computer entering comps…

  • hellybell

    Hi Guys, what a great prize, firstly good luck all.
    My favourite would be Free Wii at T-Mobile, if you want a mobile and the kids are nagging for a wii lol, plus us adults really want a go to. Then this is a good deal.
    Thanks Jason for offering such a sort after prize for any loquat.
    Keep up the good work Happy comping

  • chapman5

    15% off chocolate now as I’m such a chocoholic
    Thanks Jason a Loquax Hoody a well cool prize

  • quincyg

    great prize, would actually be cool to be a hoodie with that! for me. always reliable and have great offers all year round. the deal of the day idea is fab. I often use a DVD price comparison site and Play are cheapest 9 times out of 10 on that.

  • kevinwj

    It has to be the free delivery from Amazon, my lot want all sorts of different things and range of products make it easy to find almost anything.

    Damn, they don’t seem to stock Loquax hoodies 🙁

  • brenda.heads

    Deal Day at would be best for me, I have my shopping list ready and will also be using my Heinz vouchers.

  • chrisme

    15% off Chocolate Now. With my lot any money off chocolate is welcome.

    A Loquax hoodie would be grand, perhaps it could become our uniform be easy to spot a Loquat dressed in one.

  • adam812

    A Champagne & Chocolate Hamper (Large) from the Chocolate Trading Co sounds as if it would provide wonderful treats for all.

  • marymod

    Mine would be the 10% discount at Bunches – send quite a few flowers throughout the year, and this would come in really handy.

  • moo_kimmy_coo

    33% Discount at Snapfish Great for those christmas photo gifts,

  • vivien

    Free Delivery at Superdrug looks tempting, lots to choose for my christmas wish list

  • Consultantwan

    The most useful for me is probably Deal Day at Play.Com since I always spend a small fortune there and especially in the run up to Christmas, but the discount at snapfish will be great for those personalised christmas cards I keep meaning to make!!

  • suroben

    £100 Discount at Kitchen Science as I’m trying to finish my kitchen with shiny new gadgets and my son also wants kitchen stuff. At first glance I read it as 100% Discount which would have been even better.

  • cally120

    I love, Ive bought loads of xmas pressies on there, and they also have a fab selection of books too 🙂

  • tigerbabe68

    15% at chocolate now – I’ve financed most, if not all, my xmas gifts using prizes won or vouchers earned from surveys so I think I deserve a little something as a treat for me!

  • mata777

    £5 at Hawkins Bazaar as they have good prices anyway and wide choice of stuff.

  • chrisma232 is the best for me as i’m a gamer at heart and they usually have the cheapest games and free delivery too!.

  • eden777

    My best deal is at SNAPFISH saving a whopping 33 percent! How HO Ho Ho is that???????????

  • jjbeagrie I check various sites for games/videos Ec & majority of the time they are the best option

  • m3adn are the most usful for me as i buy lots with them, thier service is second to none.

  • witsyl

    The Daily Deal at Asda would suit me fine

  • commandervimes

    10% AT THE GIFT EXPERIENCE – My family are all working (thank goodness) and tend to buy themselves want they want over the year so giving them a gift experience is fun and they won’t already have bought it!

  • rbarham

    either of the two chocolate company discounts. I love chocolate.

  • annie0103

    I was really impressed with the Hardcloud website, the clothes are right up my son’s street and he’d be pleased to get some new things for Christmas from them.
    It would also have to be for both my husband and son as they have everything from cd’s, dvd’s and Xbox games to keep both of them quiet for ages!!
    Hubby also loves Firebox’s quirky big boys toys, so a visit to their shop is also a must. Last Christmas I bought hubby a portable dvd player from Firebox, he works away as an HGV driver, so this keeps him happy on lonely nights away from home.

  • raydodds

    Play .com great site great prices

  • joepenk

    The 33% of snapfish is great as I’m ordering 2 personal calendars that I make myself with pictures so this will be a great saving Thanks

  • sasba

    I am loving the site, so many great offers free delivery, loving the dvd for £1 with nestle got a few for my son’s stocking, saved me a fortune

  • bertcoll for me. Good site with loads of tempting stuff at great prices.

  • bwprint

    The free delivery at Waterstone and the free delivery at Amazon,I would find the most useful.

  • hopeful77

    The daily deal at Asda is good and excellent for me. Pennies are really tight at the moment, so every little bit of help doing the food shop is better for me!
    And of course, should i win the hoodie, i’d wear it EVERYWHERE!!!

  • Maggie Lloyd

    I like the Firebox discount voucher as at this time of year you can find unusal gifts.

  • travellingcat

    I think i’d definitely go for the £5 off at firebox

  • manda39

    WOW thought i`d found the perfect offer for me…
    the £100 off at kitchen science one…was going out tomorrow to buy a new fridge freezer….found one on their site …and it doesn`t recognise the code….

  • jim_lauchlan for me as well.

  • melanieclare2002

    The 33% discount on Snapfish is great for me as I’m always printing out photo’s and might get photo gifts for people this christamas 🙂

  • gden

    Deal a day at

  • marale

    Has to be chocolate-now for me mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    A hoodie + chocolate then I would be sorted for winter.

  • sueyou

    Deal Day at is the best for me. Dvds are on the top of my giving list

  • cath000

    Free delivery at Anne Summers – cos its quite pricey in there anyway.
    Fab hoody by the way!

  • josie301

    It would be the £5 discount at Hawkins bazaar – my brothers love that sort of stuff so the saving is ideal!

  • janeg88

    Agree with Josie301 has to be the discount at hawkins Bazaar, I love that shop so many memories of childhood to be found.

  • jguicha

    has to be as i buy alot from them as they have so many great offers

  • lorenza

    Has to be £5 off at Hawkins Bazaar, I love that place. And OMG I would adore a Loquax hoodie and wear it with pride.

  • emsiecov

    Free Delivery at Ann Summers

    My husband won’t go in the shop, but will order home delivery. I love to get some of the slinky lingerie for Christmas.

  • cturnill

    15% off at Chocolate Now – perfect for chocoholic OH.

  • MibsXXX

    My most useful one has to be the free vouchers at Argos!!

    I get a lot of my household stuff from there, and also they have had some excellent deals on toys lately!!

  • beckslayer

    I like the tightplease offer as i do love funky tights, hoody look cool, will it make me a more deserning type of hoodie!

  • Jo Haigh

    Tightsplease is my fave offer ‘cos I feel compelled to brighten up my work uniform with an endless assortment of outrageous leg wear. 🙂

  • keletubbie

    It’s sad, but I could really use 5% off at tightsplease! As well as being completely cack handed myself on cold mornings, my 11 month old daughter thinks scratching a great ladder in my tights on the way out the door in the morning is beyond hilarious…

  • littleanne

    £5 firebox voucher I love looking on here for unusual gifts something a bit different from the norm

    0oo the Hoodie is fab can I be a granny in a Hoodie would that be cool!!!

  • gypsy1

    i think the 15% off chocolate is the best as everyone loves a bit of chocolate now and again and especially at christmas time

  • pooterfreak

    The 15% at Chocolate Now would be the most appropriate for me. I even use that expression when I have a chocolate craving and demand a ‘fix’ from one of my menfolk-“get me chocolate now or someone gets hurt………”


    15% Discount at Chocolate Now sounds fabulous

  • silverwillow

    I think 10% Discount at Bunches would be the best for me. Flowers are always a great gift for any person at time of the year especially for family who you don’t see very often.

    Thank you to all the hard work from all the team at Loquax.

  • jinx1

    The 33% of Snapfish would save me so much money as I always have loads of pics to get printed all year round but especially at xmas!

  • dayslikethese

    £5.00 FIREBOX voucher for me, I have used this company twice before, both times using their vouchers. There is no minimum spend, which is good. Plus when you get your stuff delivered (always very quickly) You get a code on the back of their catalogue to win more money off your next orders (various winning amounts).

  • penz

    The deal a day is the best for me but it is great to have them all listed for us.


  • swifty7


    I like the Bean Bag Bazaar Code!

  • MartinDBaker

    Yep – 4 me 2!!

  • pandagirl03 seems the best deals around at the moment on dvd’s and cd’s for xmas.

  • zaj

    Kitbag 15% off is great offer as I have 2 sons + hubby who are all sport mad – thanks loquax x

  • mrboggle

    Definitely – always good cheap deals on a wide range of stuff and generally cheaper than anyone else for DVDs.

  • tinnykt

    Asda daily deals as they are always changing. Usually something on there I would like to purchase. Loquax hoodie would completely embrace me . I could hide away in my own little world whilst comping. Thanks.

  • bellydancer

    The deal for me is 20% Discount at Peacocks.

  • Dreadster

    33% Discount at Snapfish can’t be bad

  • Judge Titus

    thE KITCHEN SCIENCE discount is great – just had new kitchen!!

  • Liberty2

    £5 off at prexxybox which i used to order a slanket after I saw one as a prize on loquax.

  • valpownall

    Definitely! Brilliant website and the free postage makes such a difference. I spend far too much on there! 🙂
    Just LOVE that Loquax Hoodie! Imagine sitting at your computer in comp-mode, actually wearing a Loquax Hoodie! How cooler could you get!
    Our office is freezing so it’d keep me nice and snug while I comp.

  • draper29

    20 % Off at Waterstones is tops

  • chippy2000

    Deal Day at is a must for me always spend a fortune at Ch ristmas and thanks to Loquax this will certainly help. Now about that hoodie I think it should stay in Swansea with me 🙂

  • docpetra

    Definitely the kitchen science offer.. I am a scientist AND a sucker for kitchen gadgets! (sigh)
    Love the Loquax hoodie BTW!

  • MrsJustlucky is my bible..well with 2 boys what else ..i would be greatly pleased with the hoodie as it is cold outside in shropshire ..snow this weekend..

  • porcelaine

    The best one for me is the 25% off at Debenhams which ends today so I better get looking on the site for my christmas shopping! Thanks.

  • Fritha

    the firebox discount is the one for me! I love that site 🙂

  • nicolaharrison

    It would be the 20% discount at Peacocks because I could grab a few Christmas pressies for my daughters.

  • demum

    £5 discount at hawkins bazaar is great,I love that shop.

  • cecilia31

    free wii at t Mobile because I personally need both of them 🙂

  • rwgray

    £100 off at kitchen science looks good!


  • carlos30

    I too am a fan of but also like the code for Peacocks. There prices are so good that having a further reduction is amazing.

  • cpjw

    Hawkins Bazaar. Excellent for stocking fillers.

  • ceninpedr

    25% off at Debenhams


    20% Discount at Peacocks

  • chrisvg

    It’s Peacocks for me – but a Loquax hoodie, a winner every time! chrisvg

  • banno848

    I like It has different deals for different days and with such a large choice with most of the items being excellent value.

  • cheyanne55

    definitely is the best for me, it is always the first port of call when looking for dvds as they have excellent prices and deals all the time!

  • mtp123

    10% off at bunches, I live a distance from family and friends so sending flowers is a great idea for presents.

  • sharon29

    50% off pizza hut,will need some time out of christmas and party food so this would be very handy,sharon

  • lilmiss1982

    Wow a Loquax hoodie thats cool.

    I would say the 33% of snapfish is great for personalised calenders which make fab christmas presents that get used all year.

  • hedobaby

    OOOOO *drools over the sweatshirt*

    I think the 50% off pizza hut rocks!

    Thanks for the comp!

  • jenny27

    Loquax Hoodie! I would save it to wear while comping.

    I think 20% off at Peacocks is a great saving. Especially as they cater for all ages. Jenny

  • sazza2008

    The 15% dicount at chocolate now! As i am addicted to chocolate!!!

  • gregorycartoon

    Oh, I think the fiver off at firebox would be nice… I could put it towards a stupid gadget to amuse myself

  • trigger_mike45

    Love the idea of a hoodie! 🙂

    The best by far is the Debenham’s sale, So many bargain to be had by them at the moment!.

  • mattlins

    Would have to be
    6% Discount at Chocolate Trading Company

    Just to make sure I can fill out a large hoodie
    Any excuse for chocolate!!

  • kitty20

    £5 discount at Hawkins Bazaar – my favourite store for stocking fillers!

  • billyloco

    £100 Discount at Kitchen Science sounds the best to me,nobodys going to be in a STEW with an offer like that.

  • Jordi

    Got to be the 15% at Chocolate Now! Who can resist some lovely Belgian Chocolates and with 15% off! The hoodie is well cool xD

  • lizziebr

    This would go lovely with the Loquax mug!

    I think the Pizza Hut voucher would be great for my family. It’s getting so expensive to eat out and the kids love it.

  • sharon l hingley has been brill for me. I always check back every couple of days for the latest offers.

  • froglover

    20% off at peacocks so I can have some new pyjamas

  • mercury3

    £5 off at Firebox will be very useful

    Need a hoodie to keep me warm this winter 😛

  • lucyjc

    20% discount at Dorothy Perkins


  • balnacoul

    15% at aldi

  • labazs

    pamper cakes for me as its given an idea for a really original present for my sister but also an idea for my daughter when she has her baby next year! well done loquax 2 problems solved at once and who knows what else further investigation shall reveal!!!

  • cath13

    £5.00 discount at hawkins bazzaar as its great for quirky gifts and one offs.

  • JW

    Well, I think it has to be 25% off at Debenhams. Plenty of prezzie ideas there.

  • janey81

    20% at Peacocks would be mine, the kids are growing so fast I can’t keep up!!

  • markbarlow68

    £5 Discount at Buyagift is a superb offer, and they are filled with great gift ideas

  • kevandpez

    20% Discount at Peacocks will do nicely for me thank’s


  • shazzaspannered

    They are all fantastic but I think either the Debenhams or Peacocks ones would be good for me as I need a new wardrobe for work!

  • roseh

    erm free delivery @ ann summers. i’m not telling why 😆

  • ch56

    25% off Debenhams, loads to choose from in there

  • Lovegrove

    Debenhams – 25% off

  • maidenrocks

    The £5 Discount at Firebox is an excellent offer because they have some brilliant xmas gifts 🙂

  • straysuzi

    The best deal for me is the £5 Discount at Hawkins Bazaar as they have the wildest and wackiest things which i love to buy for people after all who wants hankies for Christmas!

  • Patterry

    I rather fancy the 10% discount at Pamper cakes, very unusual gifts on offer, when you don’t know what to buy someone. Did not know you could get a Loquax hoodie, great idea, be able to recognize fellow compers in these

  • jojangles

    Definitely the Debenhams discount is so useful if I had to pick. So many great discounts there and I am impressed with so many of them.

  • yogibear1118

    Best deals have got to be at Chocolate Now, anyone that gives a discount on chocolate deserves a medal…..a chocolate one of course!!!

  • mberwick

    Great mix of discounts on presents for others and indulgences for ourselves! Xmas shopping just about done so I guess it’ll just have to be 15% off at Chocolate Now…treats for my sweet!

  • JaneHope6

    It has to be Peacocks, for some cheap work clothes! I love this prize, a real original.

  • laurajayne and Snapfish for me. Gonna have loads of photos from this years christmas do! Cant wait 🙂

  • andrealongman

    10% Discount at Go Coffee – hubby’s stocking fillers sorted!

  • lucky281159

    £5 off at hawkins bazaar – they do some odd little bits that make unique stocking fillers. thanks for competition

  • rexy0101

    Pizza Hut voucher mmmm pizza!

  • jan1972

    £5 discount at hawkins Bazaar – I love all the daft little things they sell and always pick up lots of stocking fillers from here.

  • bikerbill

    I think I will be looking at the Peacocks site with a good discount of 20%

  • redkittykando

    half price at boots for me – with little ones there is soo much to buy! 🙂 🙂

  • chelle33

    OmG 20% off peacocks thanks loquax !!!

  • chrisburridge

    Wow! Don’t know! So many! Peacocks for definite – I think – Yes, for sure, it’s a great offer.

  • ejsmith1972

    It’s Bennets Electrical for my pressie needs (oh, and a little something for myself)


  • penny_whistler

    I will be using the Hawkins Bazaar discount as I have a friend who is 30 going on 13 and will like the silly novelty gifts!

  • LynnGay

    I like 20% Bhs or the Play .com always buying Dvds


    10% At Argos
    You can choose from loads of items here


    the £5 off fire box would be great,love this site and the hawkins bazaar discount would be handy too.

  • tizliz

    15% Discount at Chocolate Now

    No competition with the other offers, chocolate keeps you going when you don’t win anything

  • ribbles

    I would say the 15% off chocolate but i am on a diet!!!! i would have to go with because i have lots of adults to buy for at christmas and dvds are always a good route to go down.
    Good luck loquats.

  • susanms

    The £5 off at Firebox. I used it to get £5 off their already reduced deal of the day which was great. Now if only they did free p&p too………

  • JulieW17

    half price at boots – smellies are always good for christmas gifts

  • Aggy91

    Mark me down as another fan. Looks like its CD’s and DVD’s for everyone this year!… (And some presents for myself too!)

  • Kopgirl

    I’d go for the £5 off at Hawkins Bazaar-they are great for wacky gifts and stocking fillers.

  • hughese

    The Debenhams deal is a good one – 25%

  • Roamer

    Will be making good use of the Woolworths 20% off offer (extra20)

    Will save me quite a bit….cheers all.

  • krnries

    Half price at Boots looks good to me

  • yeoldecrier

    33% Discount at Snapfish for me

    Photo Calendars for the olde’s are a must, they just luv’em

  • emily_25 are the best offers for me as i live on that site. Great foe stocking fillers and free p&p is always a bonus!!

  • rudaruler

    It’s got to be the 50% off pizza hut – I used it last week as a treat and it meant we could order loads! thanks!

  • Bigben

    The £5 off at Hawkins Bazaar is my favourite!

  • jillm

    The £100 at kitchenscience looks very good to me as we are buying ourselves a tumble dryer for Christmas.

  • Sammy30

    Deal Day at because I’m always buying from this site anyway.

  • bill.gould

    £5 Discount at Buyagift for me!

  • poshpaws

    The Chocolate Now one, for sure .. I just spent £60 with them on other people .. now I’m going treat myself too; those fruit fillings are to die for ..

  • cazco

    £5 of at Hawkins Bazaar is the best for me because I have to buy so many small gifts for lots of little people! And we all love the stuff they have their in my family because we are all big kids anyway

  • cazco

    £5 off at Hawkins Bazaar is the best for me because I have to buy so many small gifts for lots of little people! And we all love the stuff they have their in my family because we are all big kids anyway

  • LazzyC

    Deal Day at is most useful for me as i have lots of items i need to buy from that site. Thankyou.

  • jayanna

    Deal Day at for me too. I’ve already bought Band of Brothers from the handy offer thread in the forum and I’m delighted at having got such a great bargain. Thanks.

  • ekohum

    The best one for me is half price at Boots. Cheers

  • phoenix59

    I’d love a Hoodie, Hawkins Bazaar £5 off is the best deal

  • jenny22 for me…..I’ve already bought some deals of the day. I use that site all year round.

  • hali000

    25% Discount at Debenhams!! thats great!

  • emmajane29

    cd wow is always the best for cheap dvds and cds got some right bargains on there for cheap xmas prezzys

  • kevin

    Half Price at Boots

  • barcoder

    half price at boots is fantastic. A hoodie would be super special now the weather has turned a tad cold bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • cimejole


  • paradisefound1980

    Half Price at Boots is well worth it!! A loquax Hoodie!! 🙂 Loving it!

  • Alistairric2

    Has to be the boots offer. We spend a fortune there every year and the points scheme is the best

  • garion19

    Boots half price got to be the one

  • dynamicdragon75

    All of them! These days any discount is welcome and I tend to shop where the best offers are – so Thanks Loquax – you make hunting a lot easier.

  • popple79

    Half price at Boots!

  • hellcat30

    The half-price at Boots is the most useful to me as i have a lot of presents wanted from there. Thanks!

  • carol gardner

    A loquax hoodie, thats really cool. I think the half price at boots is most applicable to me right now, but the daily offers is also really useful as I love play.

  • jiveribbles

    1/2 price at boots is best for me. Lots of women in the family who all love ‘smellies’.
    Thanks for offering such a fab prize!

  • cheryl1979

    1/2 price would be best for me too, as can take advantage of 3 for 2 as well. Thanks for offering such a great prize, would love to wear this and be proud of a being a LOQUAT xx

  • juwarot

    Half price at Boots for me.

  • mandy j hardy

    I will definitely use the £5 Discount at Hawkins Bazaar. They have great stocking fillers for the kids.

  • LaLupa

    When wanting to buy movies or music I always head straight to I’ve used them quite a lot and find them very reliable.

  • kenzi

    five pounds off at hawkins bazaar as they do amazing stocking fillers perfect for my toddler

  • cutthroat

    There’s a few I’ll be taking advantage of. The Sunday Times Wine Club offer is just one, plus the 10% off at MyMemory. It all comes in handy!

  • corkk

    definatly half price at boots….. can get all my xmas shopping done at once

  • Karen203 will be very good for a few presents this year.

  • dollywally

    hi what a choice! boots half price great and hawkins bazar as everyone i know is bazar, hopefully they will be entertained! especially when they see me in my exclusive HOODIE byee

  • webkin

    33% off snapfish….love getting my piccies…must remember the link.

    I SOOOOOOOO would love to win this! Loquax rocks!!!

  • rhiannonponsford

    The deal of the day at play has done me well so far

  • IvvieN

    How exclusive is that!! I could be the coolest pensioner in town!! I reeeeeeeally want that hoodie ….
    The best offer for me is the 10% off The Gift Experience, they’ve got stocking fillers, presents for everyone, Secret Santa gifts – the lot

  • magic surf bus

    Deal Day at for sure.

  • Footpather

    Oh it has got to be the Hawkins Bazaar one. It is so silly but innovative. I can spend hours deciding on things from there.

  • felixthecat

    cant make my mind up between 50% of at pizza hut or 33% off at snapfish, choosing all those photo pressies is hungry work!!

  • jules201

    5% discount at Lingerie Please would be very popular with my boyfriend ;o)

  • babesbls

    5 pound discount at hawkins bazzarre is great for me as i do alot of shopping there thay have some brillant gifts all year round for any age group so thanks loquax!

  • sexygirl2

    The deal of the day at Asda for me – money is tight at the moment and any pennies that can be saved on essentials can be spent on stamps for entering postal comps.

  • mackemprincess

    I reckon the Half price boots for me as I buy loads in boots and always seem to buy half my crimbo pressies in there so no doubt the deals will appeal to me!

  • Emmasophie

    COMET – I used it last week to buy an iron! Thank you

  • bryansnowdon

    half price at boots

  • lizzin

    £5 Discount at Needapresent
    thank you