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Posted on: October 11th, 2011 by Jason 2 Comments

Earlier this month, Apple announced that the new iPhone wasn’t to be the much anticipated iPhone 5 but the somewhat intermediary iPhone 4S. The 4S looks like a 4 but has a whole new internal set up including a ‘virtual assistant’ SIRI, a much improved camera and a nice new operating system. New gadgets (including ones that don’t get released) mean new competition prizes.

Surprisingly though there aren’t that many iPhone 4S competitions at the moment. When the iPad 2 came out there was an abundance of promotions as sites raced to giveaway the latest must have gadget. Anyway, here’s a look at what we think are the best crop of iPhone 4S competitions.

Absolute Radio have teamed up with Capital One World MasterCard to give away the latest Apple mobile. Just answer the one question and send in your details. You don’t need to rush for this one as the closing date is given as 10th January 2012.

You will need to get your skates on though to enter the prize draw from Stuff Magazine. To enter this one you’re going to have to cast some votes for their Stuff Gadget Awards 2011 (see the video above). There are 6 reader categories to vote on and you have up to the 14th October to make your mind up and be included in the draw.

Best Mobile Contracts have also jumped about the iPhone 4S giveaway bandwagon. They also have the strangest ever competition question. They want to know “How Long Would You Make Your Nan Queue For An iPhone 4S?”. There’s 5 options ranging from “She wouldn’t queue” (because she’s an Android Fan) to “I wouldn’t trust her” (because she’d keep it to herself. This ends on 15th November.

Our advice is carefully read the terms with all iPhone and mobile phone competitions. Some mobile phone prizes come with contracts and you may well be responsible for paying for that, whilst others are just non-contract handsets.

We expect a few more iPhone 4S Competitions over the coming weeks, perhaps once availability and pricing has been finalised. So keep an eye on Loquax!

  • JackieJ

    Bring on the 4S comps. 🙂

  • libra100

    My son seriously wants this new iphone. He phoned Apple at Manchester and they said he would probably have to start queing at 3 am on Friday, when it is due to be released.