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Posted on: January 25th, 2011 by Jason 2 Comments

Angry Birds is the mobile app phenomena that anyone with an iPhone surely must have heard of! The game has had over 12 million paid downloads and it features birds (who are angry) trying to knock down houses owned by pigs. It’s incredibly addictive. The birds have become so massive that they are now entering the offline world – in the form of plush soft toys. Forget your Nintendo 3DS consoles – Angry Bird plush toys are the must have prize for 2011 (so far).

Competitions for Angry Bird Prizes have been limited though, mainly because they’re not available in The UK until 1st March (although you can pre-order – did no one mention Christmas to the plush toy manufacturers? They’d have been in demand and a half). However, it’ kudos to Wired for being one of the first (if not the first) sites to offer a set of Angry Bird plush toys as a prize – thanks to the kind folks at

To enter you just need to answer one question and send in your details before 5th February. Hopefully they’ll be a few more giveaways nearer the release date if you miss out on this one.

Now if only there was an angry duck plush toy….

Win Angry Birds Plush Toys at Wired

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  • Sophwar

    Brilliant prize!!!
    Maybe Jason could bring out a whole range of plush ducks, happy, ecstatic (after a decent win!), disappointed etc. Or he could create an iPhone game ‘Happy ducks’, it’s not like he has much else to do . . . :dukit:
    Just kidding – we’re v grateful to all your hard work 🙂

  • Sadiedelaney

    I think the yellow one looks slightly ‘duckish’ maybe its angry because it is actually a duck hanging out with a load of birds? 🙂