Win One Of Everything At I Want One Of Those

Posted on: October 19th, 2011 by Jason 4 Comments

Aside from the imminent arrival of 1001 advent competitions, another sign that Christmas is coming are the big prize promotions set up by retailers. They want you to pop along to their festive themed websites and start spending your money – and one way to entice you in is with a big Christmas giveaway. And we’re wondering if any will be as big as the I Want One of Those Win Everything promotion?

Not content with just giving away a couple of cool gadgets, their prize for Christmas 2011 is one of every single gadget that they have on their website. This prize includes over 2300 of items! And in that Santa Sack of fun are more than £4000 worth of experience days! Over £1300 worth of games consoles, a £500 Sea Scooter and a £4500 villain chair.

Forget those items though – the ones we really think you want are the Wind Up Racing Ducks and iDuck Floating Wireless Speaker! More seriously this prize will include some of the “must have” gadgets such as the Air Swimmer – it’s like a remote controlled helicopter but it’s shark shaped! There’s also a pair of iPad 2s, a Penny Farthing, Angry Birds and a VW Campervan Tent!

The total prize is worth £85000!

Sadly such a big prize comes at a cost – and that cost is at least £1 in terms of SMS entry. Take a peak at the rules though and you’ll find that you can also enter by sending in a postcard. Multiple entries may be made – but that’s for text entrants only. The closing date is the 10th December and the winner will be picked the following day.

If you fancy a crack at this huge prize then our advice is take advantage of the free postcard entry route. The SMS entry route isn’t the cheapest, but the value of the prize is pretty decent – and there are some quality gadgets on the list.

The only downside is that if you do win then you’re going to need a lot of sellotape, a tonne of wrapping paper and a blooming big Christmas tree to put this lot under!!!

Win Everything at I Want One Of Those!

  • sunshine71

    Wow, I wouldn’t know what to do with half of it, shame they can’t split it into making lots of peoples Xmas’s!
    Think if I won I would suddenly be very popular with my family, but you are so right, I would love the wind up walking sucks mostly 🙂
    I do believe its worth ago at £1, got to be in it to win it, but where did I put those postcards…..

  • sunshine71

    DUCKS not sucks, thats what I get for not checking my spelling and holding a 8mth old baby on my lap sorry x

  • tizliz

    Must be getting old, had to put the screen on 200% to read the address to send my entry to!

  • weasel6

    If you pay to enter by text you get a message saying your third entry would be free. I’d so love to win this just for the villain chair.