Win The Chance To Be In The Yeo Valley X Factor Advert

Posted on: October 9th, 2011 by Jason 1 Comment

More exciting than the start of the live X Factor shows is the arrival of a brand new Yeo Valley Farmers advert. Last year was the Yeo Valley rap, but this year they’ve gone for the boy band look. The Churned, four strapping farmer lads (Aiden, Zak, Bradley and Mat) who haven’t exactly been whacked by the ugly stick, sing ‘Forever’ and you singalong with the track with the video below.

To celebrate the new advert, Yeo Valley are giving you the chance to appear on the ad break of The X Factor Final. All you have to do is go along to their Facebook page and singalong with the advert. You’re going to need to Sing In Harmony and singalong with The Churned.

To do this you’re going to need a webcam and allow the app camera and microphone access. After that get singing and see if you can top the scoreboard. If you’ve play Rock Band or Guitar Hero type games then it’s just like that – but you’re singing.

The better your attempt at singing the higher score you’ll get. If you’re happy with your score then you can publish your singalong to your wall and get a position on the scoreboad. If you’re not happy with your efforts, don’t hit publish and have another go!

The only disappointment is that details are scant about the prize and the closing date!

We think these boys are going to be big (well at least whilst X Factor is on) so this prize is one of those extra special money can’t buy ones. And let’s face it, there aren’t many competitions where you can the chance to be in a TV advert! So go on – give it a go!

X Factor Ad Competition at Yeo Valley

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  • mata777

    I wish I could sing… They guys are quite fanciable!