Win The One Millionth Nissan Qashqai

Posted on: July 20th, 2011 by Jason 8 Comments

Here’s another one of those competitions that appeals to us here at Loquax. Almost enough to make us want to actually enter. Nissan Motors are getting close to reaching the 1,000,000 Qashqai landmark and to celebrate they’re giving the actual car away. The competition at Qashqai Million – at least to start off with – is three mutiple choice questions. Get those right and you’re in the draw.

And then comes the best bit. Nissan will pick six names from the hat and they’ll be their finalists. The finalists will then be invited down to The O2 Arena in London on 11th October to take part in a live paintball shootout! Fantastic! Just imagine if all prize draws had to end this way!

To be honest, we’re not quite clear on how the shootout will work. We’d much prefer it was a last man standing scenario when all the contestants had to paintball to the very end, but according to the rules the winner will be determined using a paintball gun to shoot at a target. And the highest scorer wins. That’s a little disappointing.

Anyway, the paintball final will be treated as a bit of an event and the winners will get train travel, hotel accommodation and even a VIP experience as part of their prize. The overall winner, however, gets to drive off in a Nissan Qashqai 2.0dCi 2WD Manual Tekna in Blade Silver.

You have until 21st September to enter the prize draw.

Thanks to user taryn70 for telling us about the competition.

  • bee35

    i disagree with your enthusiasm for this competition…maybe i’m a bit too girlie for activities such as paintballing in front of a huge audience/promoters and PR teams/photographers etc…i realise it’s a costly prize and there needed to be a ‘hook’ but paintballing (?)…not for me thanks (maybe if it was a BMW Z4 i might have considered it for more than a two seconds) and i just hope this type of humilation isn’t the start of something that lots of car PR teams will follow to win a car.

  • bloomingfox

    I agree with bee35, I initially thiught ih that sounds great until I read the paintballing part, no thanks!

  • flumpypup

    I used to play in a sponsored paintball team so I would be well up for this. Although it was a few years ago now!

  • poshpaws

    The paintballing part was a real disappointment as I’m sure I’d be a flop at it 🙁

    I entered anyway on the “if you ain’t in ..” principle.

  • codpiece366

    I’ve won a Top Holiday to Japan 5* all inclusive 10 days,
    I’ve won a good cash prize with ITV’s The Cube £7,676.
    So I need to win a car to give me the BIG THREE.
    Sorry folks but it’s true!!

  • linheiner

    Yes, I agree – shame about the shootout thing – my hand to eye co-ordination is on par with a short-sighted sloth so I’ve no chance there! But I wouldn’t turn down the offer of the travel, hotel and VIP experience and would be quite willing to make a fool of myself for the chance of a new car so have entered anyway.

  • stretch1

    I cannot enter this due to suffering symptoms of brain virus.And how can disabled and elderly enter? Is it fair?

  • suroben

    I agree that apart from the humiliation involved in paintballing, something I have never ever tried and don’t want to, the competition is effectively aimed only at the chosen few. Apart from fit males aged 17- 45 who else has a chance? It is a fact that men are better at these sorts of games and only of a certain age because reactions slow down as we age. Paintballing is also excluding anyone in less than perfect health so overall I think it’s very unfair. I am a comper however so will enter even though age, sex and disability mean I haven’t a snowball’s chance unless everyone else falls over. : )