Win4Now Generates a Mini Winner

Posted on: February 11th, 2008 by Jason 4 Comments

We all like to know about winners and so it’s congratulations to Lisa Duffy who has won a Mini Cooper from… wait for it… Win4Now! Her win is reported in The South Yorkshire Star and Lisa is pictured with her new prize, which unfortunately she can’t drive.

The interesting part of the article is that “more than 40,000 people” entered the prize draw. Now, 1million is more than 40,000 so that statement could mean anything, but we’re assuming that 40,000ish people were in the draw for a Mini – which on the face if it isn’t too bad odds for an internet car competition.

As well as knowing the odds, it’s also great to know that people do win cars online and people do win with Win4Now too.

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  • cookywooky

    thanks fr letting us know that there is hope of wining a big prize….i’ll keep plugging on!!

  • eve_win4now

    Hi there

    I write the competitions for Win4now and also get to choose a lot of the prizes we have on the site – including the Mini Cooper. Just to clarify we actually had 41,134 entries into the competition and Lisa was selected completely at random by a computer. We have plenty of regular winners who are all selected by a computer and then contacted by the lovely Joy in our Admin team 🙂
    Win4now stands for ‘Real People, Real Prizes’ so we are as excited as our winners when they get a prize from us!



  • SBrunette

    I personally am planning on still avoiding this site. Too much spam for a really slim chance of winning IMHO.

  • SBrunette

    Ignore the above post, i got bored yesterday and went to enter some win4now competitions. I deceided it can’t be any worse for spam than another site that i won’t mention.