Would You Eat a Lambs Brain Burger To Win £4000?

Posted on: May 12th, 2009 by Jason 20 Comments

2009 is proving to be the year of slightly odd competitions! The Sun have invited you to become Wolverine whilst Kerrang wanted to bury you alive for the chance to win £1000. Not many of you fancied this competition but how about if the prize was £4000?

That’s the prize on offer for a competition to tie in with the release of new movie Drag Me To Hell. Lionsgate and Bauer are looking for 6 “lucky” people who will “be dragged to hell and face one of eight possible, terrifying challenges, voted for by the public”.

Drag to Hell

The challenges, which will take place in Birmingham on 26th May, are:

1. Eating a real (oven baked) tarantula.
2. Eating (cooked) maggots
3. Plucking eyes from a bucket with mouth and transporting them
4. Time test in a sealed box
5. Head in a box of bugs
6. Lamb brain burger (cooked)
7. Offal smoothie (cooked)
8. Bones out of bowl of maggots with teeth

Do any of them sound appealing? Do you think you could do any of them?

Three of the ten challenges will be selected and we guess those who survive win? If you are considering entering then make sure you do read the rules. Note that a contestant will be disqualified if they are sick during the challenge or if the adjudicator decides they are at risk of physical injury or excessive mental distress.

The overall winner will receive a prize of £4,000. Closing date for entries is midday on 18th May 2009!

We’ll be sticking to nice and simple prize draws!

  • felixthecat

    I am game for a laugh but the being trapped in a box is putting me off somewhat lol, reading the t&c’s there seems to be only 1 prize ???? not 3 or I may have had a stab at a 1 in 2 chance of winning, on main page it says do ‘one’ of the challenges but T&C’s say 3, now if it was 1 challenge, no box and 3 winners idef be trying lol!

  • Have updated the info to reflect terms, which are completely different to when i wrote the article this morning. I’m not sure if the challenges are any “nicer”!

  • mata777

    It is the eating challenges that put me off. As a 95% vegetarian (eating white meat from time to time) I am sure eating lambs brain would make me sick. Could probably do the time test (not sure – never tried).

  • afro.ho

    I think I’d have a bash at all of them but would be uncomfortable with the sealed box. My main nightmare one would be the cooked tarantula, which I definitely couldn’t do!

  • Elektra

    OMG, I don’t think I could do ANY of them. I am terrified of spiders, having to actually EAT one would be one of my worst nightmares… Plus, I feel a bit sorry for the spider, what did it do to deserve being eaten anyway?

    I can’t eat burgers or reformed meat or any type of offal anyway, they all make me gag (including mince, it’s a texture thing), so all the eating challenges would be out automatically. I only eat chicken or fish normally, so all the above would be too much of a culture shock!

    I’m scared of small enclosed spaces, so the box one is a no-no. The only one which ‘appeals’ to me (as the lesser of all the evils) is the picking up eyes in my mouth – but not even sure I could do that without wanting to throw up!

    I think I’ll give this one a miss… 🙂

  • manhattansky

    Jesus no. I think I’ll leave this to someone else…

  • janewendy

    No way! I don’t eat animals or insects.

    Good luck to anyone trying, it should be a low entry comp. 😆

  • sheena444

    Not only could I not do any of these “challenges” they seem cruel to the creatures involved to me. Just because they are bugs and larvae it doesn’t make it any less unpleasant for the creature being cooked alive or damaged by some idiot rooting around for bones in a bowl.

  • scott colville

    iv’e thought about it and i’d eat it if it still had a pulse for 4 K mmmm tasty!!

  • pooterfreak

    I don’t think £4000 is enough in my opinion to do any of these tasks! I bet the ‘stars’ on I’m a Celebrity…’ got paid a heck of a lot more for doing things like this. No thanks, I won’t be having a go.

  • Polarbear

    I agree with sheena44. I can think of a few “tests” i would like to put the person through who thought up these “ideas” in the guise of “entertainment”.

  • Jo Haigh

    Getting to Birmingham would be the biggest challenge for me!

  • libra100

    Definitely a comp for the brave hearted!

    If you’re game for a hair-raising challenge, this comp would probably be low entry.

  • pixie76

    ermm, no!

  • Beckno7

    No way I would do it but may suggest to other half… he will eat anything!

  • poppety

    If they Had a giant bottle of a certain red sauce I may consider it! But a definate NO to the offal smoothie and eyes thing.

  • spanishmorgan

    I’ve entered! 4k would be a fantastic prize 🙂

  • ide6mh2b

    Ummm errrrr I think I’ve already entered this before the full terms were announced.lol

    oh well in for a penny……………. 🙂

  • mhollins83

    I was one of the final 5 in the Kerrang coffin comp – I ended up coming second with no prize 🙁
    I am, of course, certifiably mad, so I have entered this comp, but I did so before the terms n conditions were changed. Very gutted there’s only 1 winner now, but will still do it if I get picked.

  • TrishL

    I remember eating sheeps brain when I was a child. We often had a sheeps head & it did several meals……mmmm….lovely.