You Could Be The Next Gavin From Autoglass (Sort Of!)

Posted on: September 14th, 2011 by Jason 1 Comment

Autoglass are on the search for the next Autoglass TV star and they’re using a competition on Facebook to find them! You could possibly be appearing in an advert with Gavin from Autoglass as he fills your windscreen crack with his special resin! Actually that’s not likely to happen as Gavin seems to have been retired from Autoglass adverts, the latest of which is shown below. Poor Gavin!

Anyway, Gavin or not, do you fancy becoming the star of their next TV advert? There’s an iPad 2 on offer and a £3000 cheque too (that woke you up a bit, eh!). To take part all you have to do is head on over to the Autoglass Facebook Page. Simply take a photo or record a video of yourself with your vehicle and send it in.

They’re looking for the most fun, creative and innovative entries so have a think about your entry before submitting. There’s so far only 40 entries so do have a look through and see if you can come up with something clever.

The criteria for the video is that it must include a vehicle with a windscreen – so perhaps see if you can feature a bus, an old car, coach, lorry etc. Get down the scrap yard or bus depot – or perhaps there’s a kiddies car ride you can hijack for a quick video? Oh, and you must be in it – so don’t waste your entry by just sending in a photo of the vehicle.

The competition does have a voting element, but it states on the site that “winners will not be selected on the basis of the number of votes received”.

From what we could see most entries were photos too, so if you’re deft with the old camcorder or smartphone you could put yourself in line for a nice Apple iPad 2. If Autoglass like the look of you then you may get invited down for a casting session and if chosen to be in a future advert you’ll earn £3000.

All entries must have been submitted by the 2nd October 2011.

Autoglass Facebook Page

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  • stephen55

    this is the interesting bit for me,

    If Autoglass like the look of you then you may get invited down for a casting session and if chosen to be in a future advert you’ll earn £3000.

    the average casting gets about 25-30 people out of 1000s
    submitted by agents,
    and depending on the agencies brief,
    what im interested in would the person who submits the video
    get preferential treatment at the casting,
    if not they would be up against people who have experience
    who have commercials,
    and they would not have the skills to show themselves in the best possible light,
    also would the £3000 be a buyout for in perpetuity
    , or will the winner be able to demand a repeat fee after the 12 week period, or what ever the length of the campaign is,
    and how will this affect people applying from the same job via the traditional route,