A Can Song Video Could Win You £5000

September 27th, 2016

Getting creative and low entry competitions are currently the on trend things to do if you’re going to give yourself the best chance to win a prize. With so many prize draws now swamped with entries it’s probably not a bad idea to seek out the comps that require a bit of effort. The only thing you have to worry about then is getting involved. Not sure where to start? Well how about getting started with Heinz Beanz #cansong promo?

The Can Song features in the latest TV ad from Heinz, and you can watch it below.

Heinz have teamed up with Heart and they want you to Make Some Noise. All you have to do is copy the Can Song and video yourself doing it. To give you as much help as possible, Heart have created a video to help you learn it. You can also watch some of the other entries! Now at time of writing there were only 11 (yes ELEVEN) entries posted on the website.

Now we don’t know whether Heart have a multitude of other entries hiding away somewhere, but eleven entries for a competition that’s been running a month is a bit poor. Perhaps the prize is pretty rubbish?

Well no – the prize is a VIP experience in London with £5000 spending money. Now surely that’s got to be worth trying for?

There’s something worth noting in the rules though. Item 8 states “From all eligible entries, 5 entries will be picked at random. From the 5 shortlisted at random a panel of Heinz, Capital and Heart members will pick the video they deem to show the most skill and ability in performing the can song”! We have to say that picking 5 random entries seems a bit lazy. It can’t be that difficult to watch all the entries and whittle them down?

This rule begs the question – is it worth making a big effort? Well yes it is. First off you may well make the random selection and if you’ve put up a naff entry you may not win! However use it as a learning experience. With this competition you can hone your video making and creative skills. These will come in useful for other competitions and give you confidence to try other creative comps in the future.


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