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January 4th, 2012

Last year we wrote an article called A Look At Blog Competitions. In that article we mentioned that many bloggers offer prizes that are low value, that they often require a few hoops to be jumped through to enter, that some bloggers don’t like compers and that in general the odds of winning are pretty good as entry numbers are low.

We thought we’d revisit blog competitions and see just how they faired during 2011.

First of all we need to make a disclaimer about how we list blog competitions. We only list them if they’re submitted to us. As we wrote last year “we’re pretty cautious when it comes to including competitions being run by bloggers. Some don’t want compers preferring instead that their prizes go to regular readers and subscribers”. When you read articles like this and this you can understand why we take this approach.

Thankfully a number of bloggers are happy to have their competitions listed on Loquax.

So, we’ve looked back over a number of blogs that submitted competitions to us during 2011 and have found that in quite a few cases the blogger has stopped writing, so obviously no more competitions. Some had continued to write (or at least the New Year has brought on the usual “I’ll get back into it resolutions”), but giveaways via the blog were no longer running.

In fact we only found one or two blogs who had continued giving away prizes but who’d not sent an update to Loquax.

We can presume that competitions have been used by some bloggers to get traffic to their blog – perhaps because they’d also managed to get review products to giveaway. After the competition, maybe the blogger has lost interest in writing (it happens, especially when the blog takes up time and cost), maybe the blogger didn’t get any more review items or perhaps the blogger decided that a competition wasn’t worth the effort (time versus entries etc) and instead wanted to concentrate on building their readership?

In fact the recent article from I Am Typecast does highlight some of the difficulties facing bloggers (and websites) – especially where competitions and generating income are concerned.

That’s not to say that competitions on blogs are finished.

There are bloggers with competitions who for whatever reason don’t send them to Loquax. For example, there’s a group over at Britmums that use that facility to promote their blog comps. Whether those blogs will be happy with entries from people who like competitions is unknown! You may also be able to find blogs promoting their prize draws via Google and Twitter too.

Sites like Mellow Mummy and Fuss Free Flavours continue to run regular competitions – and indeed some of the prizes on offer via blogs are no longer just token gifts. They’re also happy to receive people who enjoy entering competitions and submit their latest comps to Loquax.

So what’s in store for blog competitions in 2012?

Competitions on blogs will continue to evolve. The good sites will thrive as PRs start to pick and choose who they offer prizes to, whilst other sites – perhaps unsure how to use the traffic they get from competitions – will move towards a readership focus and only offer rewards to regulars. Most certainly, the arrival of Rafflecopter has made taking part in blog comps a lot easier – a recommended tool if you’re running a blog competition and have no technical experience.

For compers interested in blog comping, there are still small prizes to try for – and some low entry competitions too. Most certainly some compers did well targeting this area of comping during 2011. However, it’s not exploded into becoming a major way of doing comps as perhaps was expected in 2011.

Maybe this area of comping is still evolving as PRs, bloggers and compers find a happy balance on how their promotions should run.

If you’re a blogger and have a competition you are welcome to add it to Loquax.

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