A Look At The New Loquax Facebook Timeline

March 2nd, 2012

Facebook have announced that as of the 30th March all brand pages will have to switch to the “timeline” format. That’s the big images and confusing scrolling system that they dumped on personal users. We’re not overly pleased by this as we’re not quite sure how timeline is going to work for sharing competitions.

Anyway to help you get used to the new look timeline we grabbed some images and hopefully will take you through the changes!

Loquax Timeline

The big difference with Timeline is the layout. We now have a huge image at the top, so there’s no mistaking where you are, and the left hand side tabs have gone to a more central system. Only four tabs can be seen at a time – but if you click the arrow on the right of the page the other tabs appear.

Loquax Timeline

On the way you’ll see shares and out status updates. However, at the top of the page is a “Highlights” link and you can use this to toggle between Highlights, Posts by Page and Posts by Others.

Loquax Timeline

The option you choose will determine the content you see. We need to look at the options we have to see if all content can be shown as before – although to be fair it does seem a bit tidier splitting off our posts to other posts. Especially as the left to right reading/scrolling does take a little getting used to. Below shows posts made by Loquax…

Loquax Timeline

And here are posts made by Others…

Loquax Timeline

Navigating around Timeline at first seems a little awkward, but there are two elements that you should out look out for. Firstly, when you start scrolling down a toolbar should appear at the top of the page. This will give you some quick links to move around the page. “Loquax” will take you home, “Timeline” offers easy access to the tabs, “Now” gives you options to browse back in time and “Highlights” are the same as above.

Loquax Timeline

We’d like to see this in place all the time as it does make navigation a little easier, especially when it comes to the tabs.

When you scroll down you will only see a few recent posts and shares. To see more look for the “See more recent stories” link. Click this and it will load in more information for you. We found this to be a little slow!

Loquax Timeline

Another new feature is that you can now send us a Message via Facebook – useful if you want to share something with us that perhaps you don’t want to post on the Wall. Mind you, you can always contact us via the website too.

That’s a quick run through of our Timeline. We have no idea how it will pan out over the coming months for us and for competitions! Our hope is that it will put an end to many of the like/share/tag competitions and brands start using apps (as they should). As Timeline doesn’t always make it clear where a competition is then perhaps brands will seek us out to help them promote their competitions.

Don’t forget we have a dedicated section for Facebook Competitions plus on our FB page there are two tabs – one showing the latest comps and the other daily entries. Both make use of our tracking systems.

Loquax On Facebook

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