Are Your 2012 Wins Written In The Stars

January 5th, 2012

Every New Year brings out a bunch of predictions from popular astrologers – they love to tell you what’s in store for you money wise, love wise and work wise. Now usually we’d ignore them but this year’s predictions from Mystic Meg have a “Win It” element included in her write up. Could your 2012 wins be written in the stars?

If you’re Gemini for example you might want to start concentrating on those postal giveaways. According to Meg “Teams of 12 and postal contests are ‘win it’ keys”. We’re not sure how many postal competitions require you to enter as a team of 12, but no doubt they’ll be low entry!

Leos might want to start looking at music themed competitions. Meg has looked into her crystal ball and predicts that a “competition linked to a famous singer can hit a high note” will be good for you. Meanwhile Virgos could be off on holiday wins in 2012. Meg reveals that “travel contests are especially good, plus any challenge that asks you to find tiny differences” – start looking out for those spot the difference win a holiday prize draws then folks!

If you’re Aquarius then you’ve hit the jackpot if Meg’s predictions are anything to go by! She says that you could “win big in a contest to pay off a mortgage or design a dream home”. Now, we know there are only ever a handful of these kind of competitions each year so Aquarians better start forming a queue to win this one… everyone else you’ve got no chance!

Librans could well be the tiebreaker comping kings and queens of 2012. Those born under this star sign “can sell ideas, write winning slogans, song lyrics and covering letters”. If you’re an Aries though you might want to avoid voting competitions – Meg says you should “veto any competitions that trouble your conscience”.

Everyone else is left with hoping for a win on the lottery, the pools or backing horses.

Mystic Meg’s 2012 Predictions

Of course it’s all for fun, but that doesn’t stop us doing our own predictions for 2012:

No matter what your starsign is, you can’t win a competition unless you enter it!

Beat that Mystic Meg!

If, however, you’re into everything mystical and meg-like you might want to channel your psychic energies into entering the Twitter competition from Derren Brown. He’s playing “think of a number” and if you guess closest to the number (and he happens to spot your guess too) then you could win dinner with him at The Ivy in London.

You have until the 10th January to take part.

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