Being Appy And Secure With Facebook Comping

January 17th, 2012

Recently, a number of compers have had bad security experiences on Facebook. Whether that’s down to a comping issue, a.n.other, or just bad luck we don’t know for sure but these things can be off putting to others. Even more so when you’re adding apps that want to do various permissions left right and centre. However, there are things you can do to make yourself feel a little more secure.

Here are just a few housekeeping options you have on Facebook, that you may not have known about!

Account Security

If you go to your Account Settings and select “Security” you can review a number of options that Facebook gives you. Here you can review and change settings. For example “Login notifications” allows you to be notified when “your account is accessed from a computer or mobile device that you haven’t used before”. Useful if you’re concerned if other people are accessing your Facebook account.

“Active Sessions” is also useful as this will tell you what’s happening on your account. The likelihood is you’ve got one active session and that will be you! Don’t panic if your IP location is wrong as it usually always is on Facebook . Additional sessions may be via a laptop, iPhone or iPad depending on whether you use multiple devices.


If you go to your Account Settings and select “Payments” you can see activity on your Facebook account. You can review any purchases you’ve made. Our advice is don’t leave any credit card payment methods saved. Hopefully all is fine, but it’s worth checking this tab once in a while, just in case.


If you go to your Account Settings and select “Apps” you can see all the apps that you’ve added to your account. Do a quick review and make sure that they’re ones you’re familiar with. Although it won’t matter too much security wise, a bit of spring cleaning every now and then won’t hurt – so delete any old apps (e.g. advent comps, old games) that you won’t be using for a while. Just click the little “x” next to an app to delete it.

App Security

If you comp on Facebook then you’re going to be asked to add “apps” in order to enter a competition. Now most apps require basic information, but some often want to do a little more than you’re happy with. For example, post to your wall or contact your friends etc. However, you can say no to these options.

In the image above, Jeremiah Weed Brews would like to “post status messages, notes, photos, and videos on your behalf”. To disallow this, just click the little “x” next to the message. This fades out the option and disallows the brand from posting on my wall. Or you can just choose “skip”. You can still access and enter the competition though!

You can also edit your apps! Go back to Account Settings and select “Apps” and click on the “Edit” link. In the example below I’ve allowed Jeremiah access to my wall, but wish to change it. All I need to do is click the “remove” link that’s next to the “Post to Facebook as me”.

Now I can enter the competition and know that my wall isn’t being posted on with this app.

Useful Tips

1. Don’t type your password into an app – you should never have to do this!
2. Be careful with apps you add. Is the competition from a well known brand?
3. Marketing offer sites operate on Facebook – watch out for them!
4. Don’t be a sheep! Just because your comping pal has entered a comp, doesn’t mean it’s safe.
5. If you’re unhappy with what an app wants, don’t add it!
6. If you spot something out of place contact Facebook or ask a friend or on forums for advice.
7. Be sensible with your details!

Hopefully this blog gives you enough information to feel safe on Facebook and confident to keep an eye on your settings, apps and app choices. Remember if you’re concerned by anything or have a question then you’re welcome to ask on the Loquax Forums or on our Facebook Page.

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