Blippar Your Way To Cool Prizes!

April 18th, 2012

Back in November we told you about winning prizes with your mobile phone and the different apps that are around. Sadly Appysnap have closed down but another app, Blippar has gone from strength to strength. Blippar uses what’s called augmented reality – on the surface of a poster, package or magazine things look normal, but if you point your mobile with Blippar on it then cool things happen.

Blippar Competitions Blippar Competitions

Sometimes those cool things are games but occasionally there are prize draws too. But where can you find these things to blip? Well, that’s easy as you just need to go to the Blippar Facebook Page. They kindly post up images from posters and magazines for you to point your mobile at and blip away.

How about a trip to the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone? Blippar have just partnered with LG and are offering you the chance to catch all the F1 action at this year’s British Grand Prix. Just point your phone and app at this image – this then takes you to another page where you can enter a competition. Mind you, you could always just enter via LG’s Facebook Page (no app required).

Perhaps you’d like to be the King of the Swingers? Don’t worry it’s nothing to do with what you’re thinking or the Jungle Book, but it is a competition by Stuff Magazine to win a TaylorMade R11S Driver. Point your phone at this page and you’ll be redirected to this competition for the chance to win a golf club.

Now these may seem like elaborate ways to access a website but there are other kinds of competitions going on.

Blippar Competitions Blippar Competitions

For example Wrigleys are giving away trips to New York, TVs and other prizes with their 5Gum Packets. Not got a packet? Then, just head to Blippar and use their image. Point your mobile and Blippar app at the screen and an Asteroids game will appear.

The game is fairly easy to play but if you have an iPad or Tablet PC we suggest you use that flat to blip the image. Trying to play the game in front of a PC screen is a little tricky! You need to score 80 points to qualify for the prize draw.

Anyway, do have a look at the Blippar app and keep an eye on their Facebook page for more things to blip and hopefully more prizes to try and win.

Find out more about Blippar on their website. You can also download the app for free for iPhone and Android phones. You’ll also find a competition for Now 80 where there are signed iPads, a Gold Disc and other prizes up for grabs. Just blip the Now 80 image to find the prize draw.

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