Boom Holidays – Win Luxury Holidays Online

Boom Holidays

Boom Holidays – Win Luxury Holidays Online

Boom Holidays is a brand new pay to enter prize draw site that offers entrants the chance to win luxury holidays. Can Boom Holidays become the Omaze of the holiday giveaway? Pay to enter prize draw sites may not be every comper’s cup of tea but it’s safe to say that they’re pretty much part of the online prize draws landscape. You can spend anything from 50p upwards for the chance to win Lego, cash, cars, watches, hot tubs, agricultural items, collectables and much more. You can also enter to win houses although that particular sector has changed considerably due to the presence of Omaze. Omaze shook things up by offering million pound properties and guaranteeing that the house would be won. By removing the “we must hit a certain target” barrier and creating winners, Omaze rapidly became the place to go for house prizes and pretty much sunk any one man bands hoping to “raffle” their own property. The Omaze model works so well that other platforms like Raffle House and Win A Home have followed suit. So if the Omaze model is great for million pound houses can it be applied to other desirable items that people like to win such as holidays. And this is where Boom Holidays come in to play.

Who Are Boom Holidays?

We stumbled across Boom Holidays searching for competitions to add to Loquax. They describe themselves as the world’s first dedicated holiday giveaway channel. It’s a bold claim especially when sites like DayMade for example have been offering holiday prizes for a number of years now. The site is run by a new company (Boom Holidays Ltd which incorporated earlier in 2023 and has one director, Simon Khan) which claims on their website that they are “a team of around 30 crazy, enthusiastic and highly experienced individuals”. However the site does use stock images rather than pictures of these individuals. The aim of the site is give “everyday people across The UK” the chance “to enjoy ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ luxury adventures”. To help them with this endeavour they’ve enlisted the help of Prize Shark, a well known prize fullfilment company, plus all holidays are ABTA & ATOL bonded. Boom Holidays do have social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok but it’s early days so there’s not much content. We expect that this will change in the coming days and weeks once the prize draws are underway. Beyond this the site is mainly about the prizes and what you can win. As far as we can tell they’re kicking off their journey with £250,000 worth of prizes plus they aim to raise £100,000 for charity.

Win Luxury Holidays

Boom Holidays are currently offering luxury holidays to the following five destinations Orlando, California, New York, The Caribbean and Australia. Each draw has a different closing date and a ticket target. The ticket target varies and if this is reached before the closing date then the prize draw activates. For four of the draws, barring New York, the promotions length is between 60 and 100 days. The New York draw is different as this creates weekly winners. To enter a draw you need to purchase tickets and these cost from £5 (for 10) but you can purchase more. Boom Holidays really want you to buy lots of tickets and therefore offer packages which get you tickets for all draws. These Boom Bundles are well worth considering as they get you tickets for all five holiday prize draws as well as saving you money. The downside is that the minimum cost for a bundle is £15. A luxury holiday to the already mentioned destinations sounds great but Boom also invite you to upgrade the package by offering extras. These come at an extra cost so for example adding £3.50 to your entry for The Orlando prize draw would mean – if you won – that you’d also get a whole bunch of upgrades worth £14,000. It’ll be interesting to see whether entrants bother with this aspect of the site.

No Purchase Necessary

Like Omaze and similar sites there is a no purchase necessary option available so that you can enter Boom Holidays prize draws for free (well other than the cost of stamps etc). You need to send in your details via postcard and full details about how to do this can be found on the site. You will need to include the name of the competition you are entering, plus any upgrades. The latter bit means that you can ask for the most expensive upgrade element to be added to your NPN entry. Now whether anyone will win with a NPN entry remains to be seen because to date we don’t know of any pay to enter site that has ever come out and said “XYZ won with a postal entry”. If you think about it might well scupper people’s inclination to pay £5 plus more for upgrades when it’s possible to win with the price of a stamp. At time of writing there haven’t been any winners because Boom Holidays isn’t due to launch until 12th June. Once they’re running they’ll be then conducting live prize draws to determine the winners. We assume that these will be streamed live via Facebook.

Should You Enter?

If you’re adverse to spending money entering prize draws then Boom Holidays probably isn’t going to be your cup of tea. However we do suggest maybe checking out the NPN option! If you don’t mind spending a few pounds, for example you often enter the Omaze draws, then Boom might well appeal. Our advice is the same with this site as any other though and that’s firstly be cautious and secondly remember it is kind of like gambling so only spend what you can afford to lose. Pay to enter prize draw or raffle sites are not governed by UKGC rules nor offer facilities for deposit limits, spending limits and/or exclusion (although we have seen one or two sites now do this). New sites are also unknowns and it might be worth just holding back a little before committing to spending anything. The first draw for a New York holiday should take place around the 26th June or earlier if 6000 tickets are sold. Keep an eye on how well ticket sales are progressing (if this is shown) and whether there’s plenty of interest shown on social media. If the prize draw is coming to a close then it may be worth picking up a few tickets. New sites do take time to become established and therefore chances of winning maybe better in the early days. Will Boom Holidays become a booming brand for holiday giveaways or will it be a flash in the pan? Only time will tell but we wish them all the best with their journey.


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