Brands Need To Be Better Organised For Twitter Competitions

November 11th, 2009

No sooner do we decide to bring all the twitter competition blogging from Competwitions over to Loquax then there’s an almighty explosion of tweet to win prize draws. We’re now busy retweeting daily and you can keep up with us either via Twitter or our twitter feed. Sadly we can’t spot every twitter competition and that means there can be quite a few low entry prize draws for those that are vigilant.

However, what has been noticed is the lack of organisation and even rules with some competitions. This can leave promoters open to difficulties and/or put off people who then see winners who haven’t played by the perceived terms and conditions. In other words promoters need to start being more organised before kicking off a twitter competition.

Let’s take this recent competwition for a Playstation 3 from Fosters

Any prize draw should have some terms and conditions linked to it, especially when it’s put on offer by a major brand. To enter this competition people were asked to tweet a song and there was no indication of how many times you could enter…. until…

However according to people who entered the competition when Fosters selected the winner, none of the songs they thought were best (3 Lions, Baddiel & Skinner or Importance of Being Idle, Oasis) were the winners first choice. When this was queried with Fosters they apparently said that they counted everyone’s entries regardless, which seems unfair to everyone who abided by their “we’ll have to take your first entry” tweet or the best song wins.

Perhaps their “No Worries” attitude with regards this twitter competition was a little bit too laid back!

Let’s be clear that it’s not the fault of those who won the prizes.

This is simply a fantastic example of why a bit of preparation before launching a twitter competition is needed. A competition needs structure, an explanation of the mechanic, how a winner will be chosen, and any limitations or restrictions on entry. More importantly those rules need to be adhered too and a level playing field ensured for all entrants. It’s basic brand protection strategy!

In contrast to Fosters, Makro have things much more organised. They are giving away consoles and copies of Modern Warfare 2 and explain the competition and provide terms and conditions on a web page.

The page gives everyone a point of reference, not just for entering the competition but also in the future if there are problems with prize fulfillment.

Just because it’s twitter it doesn’t mean that good practice for prize draws should go out the window.

Comment from Fosters – 17th November

“We continued to receive such a large number of multiple entries, even after our request for just one, that we felt it would be fairer for the majority if we took all entries into account. The winner of the No Worries song was then chosen by a panel of judges.

We apologise to our followers for not announcing the amendment to the T & Cs of the promotion and confirm that this will not happen again.”

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