Bring It Back With Walkers & Win £100,000

September 7th, 2015

Walkers Crisps do love their big competitions and to celebrate their latest promotion they have £100,000 to be won. You may have seen the advert already for this particular giveaway as it features Gary Lineker alongside Black Lace, who are singing Agadoo! Gary obviously isn’t too impressed at this and soon Black Lace, like their pineapples, are pushed away.

I have a soft spot for the advert as it was filmed down in Worthing – somewhere where I lived for a short time and also the place where I first dislocated my shoulder (full of exciting facts this blog eh!?). I also got banned from the arcade on the corner after discovering if you put 11 10p coins in a fruit machine and press play it paid out. Happy days!!

Anyway, the Walkers Bring It Back Campaign refers to flavours of days gone by like Beef & Onion, Lamb & Mint, Barbecue, Cheese & Chive and Toasted Cheese. A sixth flavour – Marmite – is in the words of Take That, back for good. Your task is to simply vote for the flavour or flavours you’d like to see return to the supermarket shelves (Barbecue!!!).

You can vote via Facebook, Twitter or the Walkers website. No purchase is necessary and there is no limit to how many times you can vote – which to be honest seems a bit stupid because that’s going to see a lot of Twitter and Facebook feeds drowning in a sea of “I’ve voted for …. ” messages. When you vote you earn an entry to win that £100,000 in the final draw. There are also 50 weekly prizes of a box of crisps.

Entry closes on the 1st November so you have plenty of time to cast some votes and get yourself an entry or two (or several thousand even). It’ll be interesting to see how Walkers deal with any potential spamming of their competition. If people are prepared to autobot Twitter entries to win a £10 voucher then we’re pretty sure they’ll come up with a way to give themselves a good chance to win £100,000.


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