Christmas Is Cancelled – I’m Advent Comping!

December 7th, 2011

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With most of our time spent updating competitions, developing the site, writing blogs, posting on Facebook, retweeting and generally messing about, there’s little time left to do a bit of comping. In fact The Loquax Team rarely enter that many competitions. But inspired by some big winners posting on our forums and morbid curiousity, I ventured into the world of advent competitions.

In part this was to test out our brilliant advent competition tracking system, but also to just see how much time it took to go through what amounts to around 300 odd competitions to choose from. How some compers have time for these things I don’t know!!!!

The easiest to enter – and an obvious first stop – was Loquax’s own advent competition, sponsored by Groupon. Of couse, I can’t win that one, but it was a one click and done! A dream for any comper to enter and if you’re a regular Loquax user you should be there first every day during advent. (End Plug LOL).

After that it was a case of just working down the list and seeing what’s on offer. As the Loquax Advent list gives you a rough idea of prizes it’s quite easy to be a bit more picky. If you’re a guy without kids then that can actually be a benefit as that wipes out quite a few of them.

That said there are some decent prizes around – and it wasn’t long before I was opening doors and filling in details. Thankfully there aren’t too many hoops to jump through on most sites as that saves a lot of time. Actually that’s also a shame as the advents that got you to play a little game in past were a lot of fun.

I found that only a couple of the advents were a problem. For example, Malibu’s on Facebook didn’t want to submit – and Haribo didn’t want to play ball either (probably both telling me that booze and sweets are bad for you). However, most of the time was consumed by filling in forms and waiting around for “password reminders”!

Time flies by when you’re advent comping – and then you realise that you’re only half way through the list and that there’s a boat load of Facebook Advents to wade through. The social media competitions are a bit hit and miss in my opinion. Unless you’re about between 9am and 5pm you’re going to miss out on a few of them. There’s also quite a few running their daily giveaways outside FB guidelines – naughty little elves!

All in all working my way through the list, checking sites, deciding what to enter, waiting for passwords and swearing at the laptop as flashy advents slowed it down saw a good couple of hours plus change vanish pretty quickly.

Since then it’s been a lot quicker to get through them – but then I am being even more selective, have login issues sorted and have form filling sorted a bit better (typing Welsh place names gives you a disadvantage). Plus our tracker works like a dream!!

In terms of prizes I’m liking Axa PP, Classic FM (except the Cliff Richard CD), Food Network, Haribo (for the sweets), La Senza (for the holiday), Next,, Ted Baker, Tesco, UKTV and TK Maxx. On Facebook it’s Barclaycard, Bollinger, Laithwaites, Virgin Wines, Remingtons, Russell Hobbs, LEC and Malibu (a few drink ones then lol).

Of course there’s plenty more – and to just compound “advent misery” – a number of sites have now brought in games. Comet for example have launched Pop Up Prezzie, Kingsmill have Pop up Toasters, Cadbury’s are passing the parcel – and I’ve still a boatload of M&S pressies to open.

If that wasn’t enough… we’ve still got the 12 Days of Christmas countdown comps that may appear from the 12th December too!

Let’s face it, there are just so many competitions that there’s only one thing to do – cancel Christmas! Ok, that might not go down so well in some households, so perhaps postpone it until the 25th January when (hopefully) things have settled down.

I’m off to stock up on coffee and proplus – there are some more advents to enter!

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