Competwitions – Are Competitions Taking Over Twitter?

July 3rd, 2009

Back in February we blogged about finding competitions and prizes on micro blogging social media site Twitter. Slowly, but surely, competitions (or perhaps they’re better called competwitions) are starting to appear regularly on Twitter and this week saw the first one become a trending topic.

Something becomes a trending topic when it becomes the focus of a large number of Tweets. For example last week (end of June 2009) most of the trending topics related to the passing of Michael Jackson or the Iranian Elections. So for Moonfruit to become a trending topic there’s obviously a lot of interest being generated.


The reason for the interest in Moonfruit is that they’re running a competition to celebrate their 10th birthday. Everyday they have a Macbook Pro to be won and to enter all you have to do is send a tweet with #moonfruit in it. This is really simple to do – in fact so simple that thousands of people are doing as the competwition is open worldwide.


You can also enter daily so it’s inevitable that Moonfruit will enjoy a few days in the “Twitter Trends” spotlight. For promoters this kind of competition will most certainly open a few eyes to the power of Twitter and how their brand can be tweeted around the world for the cost of a few nice computers and a well put together competition mechanic.

However for compers seeking those low entry competwitions perhaps it’s not such good news?

Yes and no is the answer! Hopefully more promoters will offer prizes via Twitter if they can see it’s good for business, however it’s still early days and only a handful of competitions appear regularly, but as these tend to be short notice and short closing date prize draws there’s a good chance of winning.

For example Jet2 have been giving away a flight to a destination (just the one mind which isn’t that great to be honest), EMI Music do a one hour prize draw on weekdays whilst VirginSport also run regular giveaways.

The number of competitions that involve Twitter is also increasing. WhiteandRed are using it for their competwition for a case of mixed wines, whilst there’s a lifetime of red roses on offer from Red Rose Society.

Look around and we’re sure you’re find a few more!

So Are Competitions Taking Over Twitter?

We think Moonfruit as Twitter trending topic is, for now at least, a one off and that competitions or competwitions aren’t taking over the Twittersphere! However, it has been a popular competition and it may generate a few copycats. The concern will be whether other Twitter users or even Twitter themselves consider such actions to be “spam like” and clamp down on these things if they get out of hand?

The number of small prize draws on offer is slowly building as Twitter offers an outlet for brands to liase with their potential customers in a direct way. Using competitions as a hook to attract interest is a good way to be found amongst the various tweets and celebrities on Twitter.

For more competitions and hopefully competwitions make sure you follow Loquax on Twitter and we’ll try and point you in the right direction, and please do tweet us with any you competwitions you find too!

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