Comping Bloggers In 2020

2020 Goals

Comping Bloggers In 2020

Happy 2020 everyone! How are your New Year Resolutions going? Each and every year we resolve we’re going to try and breathe life into the Loquax Blog. But then life and other priorities get in the way and the blog gets sidelined for a week, two weeks, a month and so on. We’ve actually been writing on this blog since 2007 so it’s high time we got our backsides in gear. To kick things off for 2020 we decided to take a little trip down memory lane and highlight a few things from 2010.

Ten Years Ago

2010 wasn’t a bad year for Loquax and indeed the blog. In fact we were quite prolific back then. However despite that being our 12th year online we still had to explain how the site works as some considered it to be a scam! We’re pretty sure some still do. 2010 was also the year we won an A4UAward. This was for “casino/gaming affiliate of the year”. What we can say now is that we won because we were the only ones to enter. The comper’s mantra of “you got to be in it to win it” was very applicable back then. Award success didn’t go to our heads nor did it propel us to Hollywood fame and fortune. Around ten years ago we also made a significant change to the site. After several years of quite terrible logos we finally ponied up the dosh and had it professionally done. Back then we had a Loquax with a duck as the “O” but because we advertise gambling on Loquax the duck had to go last year. Apparently the presence of a cartoon duck in our logo is enough to drive young children to spend their parents money on bingo! However, the highlight of ten years ago – a friend made us a birthday cake! Good times!!

A 2020 Vision

So for our 22nd year online let’s see if we can make a bit of an effort and get Loquax’s blog ticking again! To do that we’re going to need a bit of inspiration so we thought we’d look at what else is out in the blogosphere for compers. If the inevitable happens and we fall off our blogging bandwagon then at least you have some alternative options to check out.

1. Super Lucky – Di Coke’s Competition Blog
This one probably needs no introduction whatsoever. Unless you’ve been comping in a cave (with a decent internet connection) then you’ve probably already heard of Di. The blog is full of tips and advice about comping. Di covers pretty much everything from running a competition right the way through to chasing up wins. It’s very good. In fact so good it’s probably why there’s very few other blogs on the subject.

2. Gary Wasabi’s Luck Muscle
Gary has been blogging about competitions for a number of years although perhaps may not be as well known as Di. His blog is more of a personal journey into comping as Gary shares his ups and downs. Look out for unboxing videos and some of his creative efforts.

3. The Jammy Jigsaw
This blog has a monthly summary called “The Joys Of Comping” where the blogger updates the reader on her monthly wins. There are other comping articles including So You Want To Be A Comper and What Is Luck.

4. Glam & Geeky Mum
Nikki won over £17,000 of prizes in 2019 which is pretty cool. On her blog she shares her latest wins and also does unboxing videos.

5. Prize Warriors
This is a relatively new blog that features comping tips as well as a mix of advertorial posts. There are some useful posts though and they do give Loquax a decent mention.

The Goal For 2020

As you can see from the above there aren’t many sites to choose from. We’ve also only included blogs that are active. The Life Of A Student Comper for example hasn’t updated since 2017. Money saving bloggers such as Skint Dad, Jordon Cox, Be Clever With Your Cash and The Money Fox do like to mention competitions. However what you usually find is posts are guest posts made by Di Coke. Obviously if you do know of a blogger that we’ve missed then let us know. Our aim is to blog a bit more about comping and competitions. Now that’s not going to easy but we’re going to give it a go. You can help us by commenting on the blog, sharing it via social media and even giving us ideas as to what you’d like us to cover. The worst case scenario is we go back through the Loquax archives and recycle some of our greatest hits such as First Loquax Annual Transatlantic Duck Race Launched. Oddly enough people did believe that post – no wonder we have to explain why we’re not a scam!


Targeting Low Entry Competitions

“I’m not winning”, “I never win” and “I never have much luck” are all phrases you hear in comping circles. If there are