DS4 Seekers Competition Winner Gets His Car

August 26th, 2011

The one question a lot of new compers ask is “do people win?”. And despite the various posts you’ll find on our forum, across Twitter, on Facebook and even on other sites there’s always that element of doubt. People even search wanting to know if Loquax is legit (it is, it’s like a search engine for competitions if that helps)! So when we found this video showing the winner of the recent Citroen DS4Seekers competition we thought we’d share it.

It shows a genuine winner receiving their DS4 car prize from Citroen. This was a Facebook come mobile app type competition that was a little bit more involved than your average prize draw. But, there was a nice big car as a reward so well done to Wayne Roberts of Teignmouth for winning.

We quite like seeing video clips like this, that show competition winners getting their prizes and wonder whether more promoters would consider doing it? Obviously for the big prizes (Appliances Online for example could film the delivery to their Smeg Fridge winner!!).

It would (or could) be good publicity for the promoter and perhaps convince more people that competitions were genuine. On the other hand, the winners, unless they were extreme compers, might not like the publicity so there’s a bit of a sticking point there!

Anyway, some good news if you enjoyed the DS4 Seekers competitions! You’ll have another chance to win a car in a new competition coming soon. It starts on 13th September so keep an eye on the Citroen Facebook Page for more details. We hope to see a Loquax user in the next clip to feature Citroen’s car winner!

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