Extra Clues For The What’s The Flavour Walkers Competition

March 7th, 2012

You only have a couple of days left to put in your suggestions for the What’s That Flavour? competition from Walkers Crisps. The competition, which has 3 x £50,000 prizes on offer, ends on the 9th March and to help you with any last minute guesses we have a special image to share with you. Walkers have sent us the below image which they say contains clues to the three flavours. To see a larger version of the image you will need to click on it.

Walkers Clues

We’re guessing that the colours used in the image relate to the colour of the packets? For example the green bus says “It’s our cream” – but is this a clue meaning “sour cream”? Other possible clues include the message under the dog saying “Silly Sausage”, the post-it note that says “Meaty, Dairy, Spicy”, a reminder that says “go to cathedral, pick up apples, take sausage to BBQ” and a cookbook that says “gourmet cuisine from the Baltic”.

Mind you, we’re none the wiser – hopefully though the above gives you a few extra ideas for flavour suggestions? If you have any idea what the above picture is suggesting then why not leave a comment below. We’re looking forward to finding out what the flavours really are – and who will be walking away with those big cash prizes.

What’s The Flavour?

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