Girls Aloud Meet and Greet Back On!

May 15th, 2009

Following our earlier blog post about how a young girl’s meet and greet with Girls Aloud prize was “cancelled due to swine fever” there’s some good news… it’s back on! BonosCamerawoman contacted The Mirror and they phoned the management company and Live Nation and then “suddenly I get a phone call from Live Nation to say that it was all back on”.

It’s a shame that Live Nation caused the upset in the first place – and it just goes to show that this situation need not ever have arisen. Kudos to The Mirror for helping out in getting a positive result.

We do try and help compers chase prizes when we can, but for the first time ever we used Twitter to try and get a story out into the big wide world. It proved an interesting exercise and there was a good response.

We’d like to say, therefore, a very big thank you to everyone who followed and retweeted this story via Twitter. The story even made it on to a PR company’s Bad PR of the Day list.

So finally, BonosCamerawoman and her 11 year old daughter can look forward to meeting Girls Aloud after all! Let’s hope there are no more hiccups and that they have a fantastic time at the show.

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