High Stakes Sweepers & Your Chance To Be On TV!

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A couple of TV companies have recently been seeking UK compers to appear in documentaries about entering competitions. From what we’ve seen comping folk are a little reluctant to get in front of the camera, but shyness is one thing that’s most certainly not lacking from The High Stakes Sweepers. This is a pilot programme from the same company who brought us Extreme Couponing (if you’ve not seen it, you must, it’s brilliant).

The above shows a clip from the programme High Stakes Sweepers. It follows a number of sweepstakes fanatics who won’t stop at anything to win. It’s fascinating and well worth watching. Hopefully they’ll be more episodes and hopefully we’ll get to see the full pilot on UK TV too.
Following the pilot, About.com Contests & Sweepstakes produced an interesting blog about the programme. Despite the differences in terminology, the fundamental concerns about how people who enjoy doing competitions is portrayed are the same.
There are concerns about appearing as an addict, over the top or perhaps slightly odd and that just by entering a few sweeps or competitions you’re instantly going to win loads of prizes. There’s also the concern about if you publicise entering competitions to a larger audience, for example via a TV show, then this will that encourage more people to take up the challenge!
Sweepstakes are massive in The USA (the clip suggests that over 80million people enter them). The High Stakes Sweeper even formed the basis of a new story from ABC News. This clip features Carolyn Wiltman who runs Contest Queen and she offers some tips which are useful for sweepers and UK compers. Mind you, we do disagree with the “enter everything” philosophy – we much “enter everything you would like to win”.
Overall, the comments we’ve seen about the show have been favourable and so perhaps it is possible for programme makers to not portray compers in a bad light…. with that in mind….
Would You Like To Be In a TV Documentary?
Wouldn’t it be great to see a High Stakes Sweepers programme that features UK compers?
We don’t know if would happen, but there are documentary makers who do want to hear from you. Channel 4/Raw Television are aiming to create a celebratory documentary ‘following people who will be showing people’ all the ways they can get items for cheaper or for free!!
They are looking for Britain’s Most Frugal people to take part. They would love to hear from thrifty individuals and frugal families who are finding new and innovative ways to save money – such as entering competitions. So if you’re a Competition Winner, Bargain Hunter or a Voucher Addict they would love to hear from you!
To find our more then get in touch with Chris Aristidou (chris.aristidou at rawtelevision.co.uk) or call 020 7017 1642 – and do let us know if you’re getting involved!
We’d love to see some Loquax users sharing their competition tips on the small screen – and we’re curious to find out whether you guys are as extreme and excitable as the sweepers from High Stakes Sweepers.