How Clean Are Your Carpets Compers?

October 10th, 2012

How clean are your carpets? It’s an unusual question granted but by finding out with the Bissell White Sock Test you have the chance to win a weekend break worth £1500. Now before you all rush off to locate a pair of white socks there’s no need – as you can apply to Bissell for a special pair of white socks. If you prefer using your own then according to the rules you’re more than welcome.

Once you’re armed with socks then it’s time to do the White Sock Test. You need to wet them, rub them on your carpet and then see how dirty your carpet really is. To enter the competition you then have to share your embarrassment that you have the world’s mankiest carpets by uploading a photo of your mucky socks to the Bissell Facebook page. Or not!!!

The good news is that you don’t need to have unclean carpets to enter – in fact we wouldn’t be surprised if a few people actually whipped out the hoover, shake and vac, and even the carpet shampoo just to make sure that they’re “looking good” in carpet cleanliness circles. As far as we can tell it’s a prize draw from all valid entries – i.e people who have done a White Sock Test.

Although the competition runs until the end of November, there are weekly prizes (although you can only enter once for the whole promotion). Over the five weeks there will be one weekly winner who picks up a CleanView Lift-Off carpet cleaner. At the end of the competition one lucky winner will get a carpet cleaner plus £1500 of vouchers to spend on a weekend break via

You have until the 9th November to request your free white socks but until the 16th November to enter the competition!


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