How To Enter Competitions On Twitter!

July 24th, 2009

One of the most popular questions we’re asked by compers about Twitter is “how do I enter the competitions”? Well, there are a number of ways that competitions are run on Twitter, you might have to follow someone, retweet a line of text, reply to them via a direct message (DM) or even write something that contains a hash tagged element. Here’s the Competwitions guide to how to enter competitions on Twitter!

1. Following to Enter
Some competitions, like Bombardier’s, are run purely to build up followers. These are the easiest types of competition to enter too as you simply go to the promoters page and click the grey “Follow” button. A winner is then chosen after the closing date from those who are following.

2. Tweeting & Retweeting
Some promoters will ask you to post (or repost) a phrase to enter a competition. For example BetFairNews are currently (July 2009) asking people to post “I want to win #Ashes tickets supporting #FanvFan Retweet to enter”. All you need to do is copy and paste the phrase and tweet it!

3. Direct Messaging or Tweeting an Answer
Emimusic run a music competition every weekday and to enter that competition you need to answer their question. We advise that you make sure that you’re following the promoter before tweeting your answers. To enter you simply tweet or send a DM (direct message) to them! A winner is chosen either by random or in some cases whoever responds the fastest.

4. Tweet To Include a Hash Tag
If you check above to the BetFairNews example the tweet includes #FanvFan and #Ashes. These help searches on Twitter and are useful for a competition promoter to see who’s entering (as well as for you to see how many people you’re competing against). If you’re asked to include a hash tagged word try and make sure it’s at least kind of relevant to the tweet you’re making.

Like with all competitions make sure you read the terms and conditions and follow the promoter’s instructions!

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