Is Too Much Comping Taking The Fun Away?

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Is Too Much Comping Taking The Fun Away?

One of the things we’ve always tried to advocate on Loquax is that comping should be a fun hobby. By entering competitions online you can surf the web, visit fun new sites, learn new things, pick up great ideas and through forums, like our own, interact and be encouraged by other compers, as well as forming new friendships. However, is too much comping taking the fun away for you? If you take comping down to the basics, sitting at your PC and filling in forms by clicking from site to site doesn’t make it sound that a glamorous pastime. There are of course the rewards of winning, but not everyone can win, so it’s important that if you’re going to be comping for sometime that you try and treat it as a fun thing to do.

Frustrated Compers Not Winning

In recent weeks we’ve seen a number of posts from frustrated compers complaining they’re not winning despite entering hundreds of competitions a day. No wonder they’re not enjoying it! If you’re entering hundreds of competitions daily, then you’re possibly just trying to win something! Perhaps you’re not paying attention to the rules, or perhaps not even entering the right competitions. So here’s our suggestions to start enjoying comping – even if you’re not winning the prizes!

Top 10 Ways To Make Comping Fun

1. Start being selective and prioritise! Choose the sites you like and the prizes you would really love to win – and do them first!

2. Read the rules and check your answers! Wasted entries won’t win you prizes and wastes your comping time.

3. Set a time limit! Decide you’re going to comp for a set time each day or week.

4. But, don’t worry about targets! Just because someone says you must do 30 comps a week doesn’t mean you must do it. Do what you can, in your available time.

5. Don’t worry if you don’t win! Not everyone can win every competition – so there’s no point worrying if you missed out. Just enter another one. Once you’ve entered a competition – forget about it!

6. Try answering the questions yourself! Take some of the mundaneness out of box filling by trying to answer the questions. It often doesn’t take as long as you think, and you get the satisfaction of finding out the answers yourself.

7. Keep note of websites you like the look of when you enter their competition – then revisit another day!

8. Be social! Ok, we’re biased and would like you to be active on the forums, but it adds an extra dimension to comping – interaction with other compers!

9. Be inspired! Keep an eye on the latest top winners and be inspired that people are winning. Enjoy the fact people are winning and use that to inspire you to keep trying.

10. Have fun!!!! What other hobby gives you the chance to win cars, holidays, cash prizes, or Lindt chocolate bunnies simply for sending in an email, postcard or text?

Under Pressure

All hobbies can become frustrating if you spend too much time on them. Comping is the same! It’s not meant to be a pressurised ‘I must enter everything’ or ‘I must do 30 competitions right now’ hobby – so don’t let it be. How do you make comping fun? Leave a comment/suggestion for other readers!


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