IWOOTs Winners Announced – No Luck For Ducks

September 13th, 2007

Back in July we told you about I Want One of Those and their IWOOTs Competition. Well, the winners have been announced and well done to all those who won. The good news is that 2 videos and 1 photo from Loquax made it to the shortlist, however disappointingly there’s no win to report. See the winning entries.

Now it was a fun competition and it was a bit of a laugh doing the videos and photos, but without wanting to sound like a sore loser I have to say that the competition did leave me a little bit deflated. However, this was the first year of the awards and hopefully next year IWOOT will address some of the issues.

Firstly the last date for submissions was August 22nd. This shouldn’t have been an issue, but it became one when IWOOT announced the shortlists – the top 18 entries as voted for by users were all chosen! Great if you’ve had your entry online for some time, but perhaps not so good if you’ve submitted just in time to beat the deadline (e.g. Theres a Duck Sat On the Chip Pack Swears Hes Elvis). The fact that IWOOT decided to pick a short list based solely on user votes totally changed the point of the competition.

There were prizes for the public’s favourites in film. video, review and useless fact, but in my opinion all entries should then have been considered for the other categories. By picking the top 18 based on user votes to become shortlisted just seemed like a lazy option. Voting competitions are notorious for being badly run as it often comes down to who’s got the most friends/family or who’s got the most bare faced cheek to spam forums they’ve never visited before and asking for votes.

Another issue is when the photo shortlist was announced, my own Duckpool Illuminations photo (and another photo) were omitted from the list on site, yet both were in the Top 18 (tip for compers, always check!). They eventually did get uploaded to the list, but a comper’s mind makes you wonder if the judges saw the omitted photos. They probably did, but it does make you wonder!

The final point is with the photo competition. A couple of winners are “photo-shopped” not photos – slightly pedantic here, but perhaps next time there should be specific categorisation for those just playing with a camera and those who can manipulate images on a PC.

For next year I’d like IWOOT look at implementing the following: Offer prizes for public votes, but shortlisting to be done by IWOOT so that all entrants have a chance regardless of number of votes, have categories for photo and photoshop entries and don’t mess up the shortlisting!

So, as a comper what can we learn from this? Firstly, for these kind of competitions try and get your entry in as early as possible! Secondly, make a few entries (also as early as possible) and vary your entries too. Thirdly keep an eye on any shortlisting/voting issues. Finally, no matter how good you think your own entry is the judges decision is final – trying to guess what the judges are looking for is a hard business!

Oh, and try not to be too disappointed, after all there’s always another competition to try!

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