Man In Box Treasure Hunt to Win £30,000

February 11th, 2010

On Monday 15th February an unusual competition will launched called Man In Box. Tim Shaw, a TV and radio presenter, who has appeared on FIfth Gear and Balls of Steel, will for reasons best known to himself shut himself away in a steel box that according to The Sun is “3.5ft high, 4.5ft wide and 8ft”. He won’t know where he is, but he will be accompanied by a cash prize of £30,000 – and you could win it!

Tim’s incarceration will appear online and people will be invited to guess his location based on daily clues and updates. You can get involved by suggesting objects to join Tim so that he may reveal clues to his location .

You can guess the location co-ordinates from the start, but entries won’t be checked for a week just to keep Tim enclosed for a minimum period of 7 days. The first person who picks the right spot via a special link on Google maps will win the cash prize.

You can make as many guesses as you like and it’s free to enter. Proceeds from advertising on the site go to the Help for Heroes charity.

As well as the website you can keep up with Man in Box via Twitter, @maninboxuk, Facebook and Youtube (although the only video we found was the one above with the annoyingly annoying Charlie Boorman).

The “experiment that links solitary confinement with social networking” starts at noon on the 15th February and ends when someone guesses the location or 30 days/30 nights, depending which comes first.

Will you be tuning in? Is the lure of £30,000 enough to make you interested in following someone trying to survive isolated in a tiny space? Man In Box is where you need to go if the answer is “Yes”!

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