Meet The Bloggers: Fat To Slim With Help

October 20th, 2011

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Next in our Meet the Bloggers series is Layla Fletcher who is using her blog as a motivational tool to get to her ideal weight. Remember all the bloggers we feature on Loquax are compers and/or run competitions on their blogs. Do pop along and give them your support – blog comps tend to be low entry too!

1. Who Are You And What’s Your Blog?

My name is Layla Fletcher and my blog is at Fat To Slim With Help.

2. What’s Your Blog About?

My blog is about my journey from Fatty to getting to my ideal weight.

3. How/Why Did You Get Into Blogging?

The reason I decided to blog is because when I looked for a blog or info like mine I could not find it. I decided to do it to help me and people in my situation.

4. What Kind Of Competitions/Prizes Do You Offer Readers?

I offer mostly TV show tickets but have also got better things planned

5. What Kind Of Response Do You Get?

I get a very small response (hopefully a few more people will start to visit your blog after this).

6. What Top Tip/Advice Do You Have For Other Bloggers/Wannabe Bloggers?

Don’t write your blog just for numbers! Write it for yourself and the people who want to read it.

7. What Top Tip/Advice Do You Have For Compers?

Only enter competitions you want to win! If you enter every comp going you will just waste time.

8. What’s Your Favourite Blog/Site?

I’m a big fan of Twitter!

9. Strictly or X Factor?

X Factor for me!

You can keep up with Layla over at her blog Fat To Slim With Help. Look out for her competition too!

We are looking for more bloggers to take part in our interviews, so if you blog and offer competitions to your readers then we’d love to feature you here on Loquax.

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