MSN’s Iconic Britain Competition Goes Wrong & Makes Everyone a Winner!

June 28th, 2008

The gremlins have hit MSN’s Iconic Britain competition making everyone a winner! The competition requires entrants to vote on how iconic and British a photo is and in return the voter can instantly win a Nikon camera. Today though everyone’s winning a camera – we’ve tried it a couple of times and sure enough the winning page appears.

we won too

The problem with these kind of competitions is they can break and once knowledge is passed around the web that a site is “paying out” the mistake ceases to be a one off bit of good fortune for a few, and simply becomes an exploitation of the issue by the many. It’s for this latter reason that MSN will invoke clauses in their terms and conditions and won’t have to honour these “wins”.

Of course, they could be kind and run a few prize draws for the “winners” – but don’t be too down heartened if your camera “win” today is taken back off you.

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