Next Baby Boutique Model Competition Is Real!

November 2nd, 2010

The Next Baby Boutique Model Competition has hit more problems due to messages being posted around Facebook that the competition is in fact fake. People have been posting on their walls warning other users that it’s not being run by Next and this has caused mass panic and widespread hysteria. People are reposting messages on Facebook whilst competitors are demanding their entries are withdrawn.

Incredibly the police have also been involved!

All this despite the fact that a few simple checks would prove that the Next Baby Boutique Model Competition is real! It’s being run by Next and it’s promoted on official Next pages.

For those people concerned here’s why it is an official competition.

1. On is an official link (bottom right) which will take you to the official Next Facebook page.

Next Baby Competition

2. Next also have a Baby Boutique section on their site and there’s a link to Baby Modelling Competition 2010.

Next Baby Competition

3. If you click on Baby Modelling Competition 2010 link from above you get a whole page of information about the Next Baby Boutique Model Competition. Remember it’s the official website and that in turn links to the official Next Facebook page.

Next Baby Competition

4. If all that doesn’t convince Next have even posted an official notification from Bedfordshire police on their Facebook wall to confirm that indeed the competition is not fake!

It’s quite an unbelievable turn of events for a competition that has courted controversy since day one. The entry of Danielle Lloyd sparked debate whilst the endless stream of “vote for mes” on the Next wall was nothing but farcial. The company also had to apologise after a birthmark baby was rejected from modelling contest.

However, this “fake rumour” has descended the competition to a new depth of chaos.

It just goes to show that viral messages, whether they’re fact or not, can rapidly get out of hand. It’s pretty amazing that people are quicker to believe a message posted by someone on Facebook than they are to wish to check out the facts for themselves. The power of social networking is quite scary!

However, if you do see posts on Facebook saying the Next competition is fake and that you should remove entries, stop for moment and visit and do the checks above to allay your fears. It is a genuine competition being run by the genuine Next fashion company.


We understand that someone had a fake page set up on Facebook. However, this has been removed and is under investigation. To ensure you get to the official site go to the Baby Boutique section on Next and clickthrough to the official pages.

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