Orange Launch First Internet Balloon Race!

June 5th, 2008

We like to see something different in the competition world and Orange have come up with something very different…. the world’s first Internet Balloon Race. It starts soon and you can take part by signing up today – and the good news is that their are prizes to be won!

Register at Play Balloonacy and pick up your balloon. If your balloon travels the furthest in seven days you’ll win the star prize of a £16,500 VIP trip to Ibiza.

There are loads of daily prizes too – you just need to collect 5 stars in one day to enter the prize draw. You can promote your balloon via social networks like Facebook, MySpace or Bebo, by emailing friends or even posting to your blog (as we’ve done below… so go on, give our balloon a boost!)

The balloon race is active between midday on June 23rd 2008 and midday on June 30th 2008, but you can register now!

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