Photobox 24 Live – A Look Back Over 24 Hours!

24 Hour Photo Competition

Photobox 24 Live – A Look Back Over 24 Hours!

The Photobox 24 Live competition is at an end. So it’s goodbye for now to 24 hours of photo challenges, 24 great prizes, and a heck of a lot of photos. It’s been great fun to take part in, albeit I only managed a handful of the challenges (and didn’t stay up all night) and it’s been pretty tough too. The standard of entries has been high and the creativity amongst entrants inspirational. To recap a little. The event started at midday on the 24th August. Every hour Photobox would post up a theme and the object for entrants was to take a photo within the hour of something along that theme. The first theme was Time and obviously clocks and watches featured amongst the many entries. Other themes included “Amazement”, “Movie Titles”, “Envy”, “Greed”, “Coffee Break” and “Best Seat In The House”. The photo above was for “Splash of Colour”.

Photos Taken In Real Time

The key to this competition was that the photo was meant to be taken in real time – i.e. in the hour period of the theme. It was amazing just how many people seemed to not understand this rule. As it was one entry per person not following the rules meant they wouldn’t have a chance of winning. Sadly, as you’d expect from photo competitions some people tried to blag their entries – the “winner” for “Best Seat In The House” apparently was taken from a photo that appeared in The Daily Mail. Eagle eyed 24 Live entrants though made sure fair play ensued and Photobox acted quickly on that one. In fact, it’s nice to report that Photobox ran this competition very well. The only grumbles tended to come from “followers” who were suddenly seeing extra Photobox messages appearing on their Facebook wall. The judged winning entries have been good too. Knowing what the judges were looking for was quite a tough task.

The Judging Process

The judging was done as the process went along, good for instant results and seeing what was floating their boat. In some ways they could have taken a bit more time with the process. Seeing the winners though did give you an indication of what Photobox were after and the standard needed to win. You can see some of the winners over on the Photobox Blog. The “amazement” winner of two eggs looking on at a fried egg is very clever (especially for what was quite a tough subject) but this morning’s “coffee break” winner was also very good (it showed a guy drinking out of a jug of coffee). The competition ended at midday on the 25th August. Once all the winners have been revealed, an overall prize winner will be named from the 24 finalists.  I think those people who entered all the challenges (or at least 15 on the bounce) may also be getting a special something from PB!

Pulpy Mass Of Jelly Babies

I didn’t stay up all night but kudos to all entrants who stayed the course and entered all 24 photos. Although highly enjoyable, the downside to this competition is that the house is now a bit of mess, there’s a pulpy mass of jelly babies in the food mixer (don’t ask!) and the bathroom sink is full of colour changing ducks. It’s also important to note that a large white polar bear, rubber ducks, cats and Mr Potato Heads do not appreciate deadlines need to be met and are not favourable to modelling! All in all it was a good competition. Having to think of an idea, put it into action, take the photo, get it uploaded and then realise half of the other entrants have exactly the same idea and the entry just after yours was “really good” made for a fantastic few hours of photo fun. It’d be a surprise if Photobox don’t make this a regular event!


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