Raffle House Guarantee A Property Winner

Raffle House Guarantee A Property Winner

2020 could well be a good year for win a house competitions. Last week we told you that Win A Country Home were all set to conclude their competition. Hoping to follow in their footsteps are Raffle House. They should have completed their second house raffle at the end of January however the closing date has been extended. According to The Daily Mirror, Raffle House are “guaranteeing the property as the prize”. If this does happen then 2020 will have at least two property competition winners!

Extended Closing Date

Before you start getting excited we thought we’d check what was happening over at Raffle House. This is the second time they’ve taken the win a house competition route. Their first competition ended with over 80,000 ticket sales and a £170,000 cash prize winner. Having learnt lessons from that competition they embarked on another giveaway. The prize for Raffle House 2 (as we’ve called it) is a £500,000 property in Whitechapel. As mentioned this was due to end on the 31st January but the closing date has been extended until the end of July 2020. The reason for this extension is because this time around they want to make one of their customers a homeowner. According to a blog on the Raffle House website they are “about 12,000 entrants away from the 60,000 ticket threshold” and “tantalisingly close to our goal”. This is great news but we have a sense of deja vu! In April 2019 we blogged that Raffle House were aiming to make a home winner. In that article we reported that Raffle House were taking “additional steps to get the competition over the line”. They themselves even said they “only need about 20,000 more entrants” to get the job done (Raffle House Blog).

Guaranteed Property Winner

As we know the first competition didn’t reach it’s goal of giving away a property! So are Raffle House just using the same marketing tactic or are really going to create a house winner this time round? Well The Daily Mirror article reports Raffle House “are delighted to be able to guarantee the property for our current competition, becoming the first house raffle business in the world to do so”. The Raffle House website also states “Guaranteed property winner” which is great news. So at the end of July or sooner if ticket sales go fast someone will win a refurbished two bedroom flat in London for the price of a £10 ticket. If you haven’t purchased a ticket then you might want to move fast. What we’ve seen with other competitions that are nearing completion is that public interest begins to snowball. As well as the house prize, Raffle House also run a £1000 weekly prize draw and there’s also a Valentine’s special giveaway too. If you have purchased a ticket and expected a result at the end of January you might be feeling a tad deflated. Raffle House do explain their decision for an extension on the blog plus they’ve awarded all qualifying entrants a free ticket for the draw.

More To Come?

After 12 months which saw so many problems surrounding win a house competitions, it’s exciting to see two potential competitions reach a conclusion. Hopefully neither Win A Country Home or Raffle House 2 hit any snags or issues as they gear up to create home competitions winners. However whether these successes (to be) are enough to encourage others to try the mechanic remains to be seen. Win A House competitions are still a massive gamble for homeowners to undertake. There is obviously public interest in some competitions but perhaps not in 30 or 40 all running at the same time. What will be interesting is whether the guys behind Raffle House decide to do it all again after July 31st? If they have a winning formula for property raffles then we may well see a few more competitions in the coming months and into 2021. As ever we’ll be keeping our eye for these competitions and listing them in our Win A House section.


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