Red Or Black Invite You To Play Along!

September 1st, 2011

Red or Black is coming to our TV screens this Saturday (3rd September) and if you’ve missed the chance to be on the show the good news is that you can play along at home. We think that you’ll need to be following Red or Black over on Facebook to take part – but hopefully you can play on

Sadly it seems like they’ll be no prizes on offer. According to the official ITV site “players who get through all 10 rounds with their winning streak intact are awarded entry into a Red or Black? Millionaire’s Club”. Still, we quite like the look of Red or Black as it features big yellow ducks. We’ve spotted a couple on Facebook and on the official ITV pages so that shows they’ve got good taste!

Red or Black runs for seven days and offers contestants the chance to become millionaires. There could be up to 7 winners! The show was devised by Simon Cowell and is hosted by Ant & Dec. It has attracted a lot of interest and even now people are looking to apply for the show – if Red or Black lives up to the hype then we’d not be surprised to see a second series.

Whilst it’ll be nice watching other people try and win prizes, we’d love to win some ourselves!

Given as the programme is on ITV we fully expect to see some kind of competition associated with the programme – they usually have a huge prize and have free web entry, so we’ll keep an eye out for that. However, if you do want to try and win prizes it’s also worth keeping an eye on Jackpotjoy. They’ve got the rights to some Red or Black Casino Games such as slots, keno and instant games – and according to the site “you could win a pile of cash, or enjoy a share of 1,000,000 Joy Points”.

Don’t forget to visit the forums on Saturday and chat with other compers about the show via the forums, and if you applied or even took part in the show let us know by adding a comment on the blog.

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