Scramble Closes Down It’s Twitter Competitions

September 22nd, 2009

Scramble, the competition site that used Twitter, has unexpectedly closed down – at least in it’s current format. The site has never really recovered from the issues that arose when people grouped together to try and “fix” which item would win the daily prize draw. Many comper’s asked for fair play and Scramble reacted with some changes in format.

This initially saw the end of the daily prize draw, but it returned with yet further tweaks to the format – but the plug has now been pulled and visitor to Scramble are now told:

Scramble has been an awesome ride, and we are proud to have created such a wonderful community of players, but unfortunately the site is coming to an end in its current form

Scramble as a competition site was an interesting concept, but once it became dominated by groups trying to “fix” the winners it lost it’s way. Voting for prizes is a notoriously difficult mechanism to manage in a fair way and Scramble never really figured out a way to keep everyone happy.

Another issue in our opinion may have been revenue!

Scramble never had adverts, nor collected user data to sell, so instead relied on adding affiliate links to the items submitted by entrants. Relying on retail affiliate marketing, especially when the user base is competition or money saving orientated, is not always the best way to finance a website (we know!) and we’d be surprised if Scramble came close to breaking even on it’s daily, weekly and monthly prize bills.

The sudden closure has left some compers in limbo with regards to whether they will get their outstanding prizes. However, Scramble are still contactable via Twitter and Facebook so we suggest you try those avenues if you’re waiting for prizes. If you’re really stuck you could also try Forward the company behind Scramble.

Will they be back?

Scramble do say they hope to get people “Scrambling again” and that there may be odd competitions via Twitter and Facebook.

In the mean time “competwitions” have been dealt a serious blow and the search for a good twitter prize draw system continues.

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