See Your Sizzling Sausage Idea Come To Life!

September 21st, 2015

The ‘welly good’ sausage makers at debbie&andrew’s are on a Quest for the Best in sausages. They dropped us a line with the details and we thought we’d share them with you. In a ‘Make My Sausage’ challenge, the team at debbie&andrew’s are asking sausage fans to suggest what favourite flavours and ingredients they would choose to have in their dream sausage! Read on or watch the video below.. but be quick as the closing date is very soon!

The winning idea will get their very own sausage creation supplied to them along with a year’s free supply of debbie&andrew’s own varieties. The winner will see the transformation of their idea into a real life sausage. The whole process will be the subject of a ‘Quest for the Best’ film made by Andy Bates, the tv presenter, street food expert and champion for British food. The prize sausage will also become part of debbie&andrew’s 2016 road show range.

This is the perfect chance to influence the future of sausages. For many people ‘My Sausage’ is one that is wheat, gluten and dairy free. Happily there is good news for anyone seeking sausages without these ingredients. debbie&andrew’s has just announced that its popular Perfect Pork and Perfect Cumberland sausages are now wheat, gluten and dairy free.

But what next for sausage fans? Given the opportunity to dream up their perfect sausage what would be in it? Of course, debbie&andrew’s only use the best British meat in their sausages, made from farms that meet the Red Tractor standard. But what else would you add? Ginger? Dried Figs? Marmalade? Is there regional produce that would inspire your sausage?

To challenge debbie&andrew’s to produce your perfect sausage, simply enter via or tweet #makemysausage with your dream sausage idea and contact details by 23rd September.

The winning sausage will be judged by Andy Bates, who is spearheading the ‘Quest for the Best Campaign’ looking for the best in sausages. “I want to encourage people to explore what makes something taste good,” comments Andy Bates. “I think it is important to use fresh, quality ingredients and also to understand where they come from”.

debbie&andrew’s is now offering the chance for sausage lovers to really influence the future of sausages.

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