Win £20,000 With The Sweetstake 2020

Win £20,000 With The Sweetstake 2020

Yesterday we told you about the new football promotion from Cadbury. Within that blog we wrote that it would be “interesting to see how on-pack promotions adjust in respect to how life changes in the coming months.” Well we’ve not had to wait long to find out. This is because Mars Wrigley have kicked off their latest on-pack promotion called The Sweetstake! Originally the purpose of the promotion was as a celebration of Mars Wrigley’s partnership with the England Men’s Football Team. However now that The Euros 2020 have been moved to 2021, and there’s the small matter of a pandemic, things have changed.

How To Enter

The good news is that The Sweetstake 2020 is still running. There’s a top prize of £20,000 up for grabs alongside other cash prizes. To enter you need to purchase a promotional pack of sweets. The products involved in the promotion include Mars, Revels, M&Ms, Galaxy Minstresl, Maltesers, Twix, Snickers, Starburst and Skittles. Make sure they’re on your shopping list when you make your essential trips to the supermarket. Inside each promotional pack you’ll find a 10 digit code. This code plus your email address can then be entered at After entering the code you’ll be notified of a scenario. If this scenario relates to a short video clip then you’re a winner. You’ll then get a second scenario and video clip. If these match then you win. It is possible to win twice with your one code. This opportunity to win twice with the same code is new to the original promotion. The prize pool includes cash prizes of £20,000, £1000, £500, £20 and £5. In addition there are several million free packs of sweets in the prize pools. There are 10 top prizes of £20,000 on offer by the way.

Supporting National Emergencies Trust

If you are lucky enough to be a winner then you’ll receive notice of how to claim your prize. For the smaller prizes such as sweets, £5 and £20 you do not need to send your pack for validation. However, for wins of £20,000, £1000 or £500 cash you do need to post your pack, along with your address and phone number, to the freepost address supplied at time of win. Also new to the promotion is a charity element. Mars Wrigley will “make a donation matching the value of prizes claimed by Sweetstake winners to National Emergencies Trust (NET) for its Coronavirus Appeal, up to a total target donation of £500,000”. In the event the total donation generated by the Sweetstake promotion does not reach the target amount of £500,000, Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK Limited will make up the shortfall. All the details regarding the support of NET can be found on the Sweetstake website.

Stay Safe

The competition is open to residents of The UK and it runs between the 8th April 2020 and 11th January 2021. Note that packs will say you can only enter until 11th July 2020, but the promotion has been extended. Entrants from England, Scotland and Wales need to purchase promotional packs to enter. You can enter a maximum of one code per day. All codes are unique so you’ll need a new code for each day you enter. Northern Ireland residents can send off for a unique code in order to enter the promotion. Details of this no purchase route for NI only can be found in The FAQ. This is a promotion that usually is ideal for those compers who like to womble. Basically that means picking up the discarded wrappers from people who are too lazy to use a bin and enter a competition. However with less people out and about this should mean less opportunities. Also at this current now is probably not the time to hunt around for discarded sweet wrappers. There’s no rush to enter the competition so our advice is stay safe but make a note to get a few treats on your shopping list for your next delivery or trip out.


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