Vote & Win… In Your Local Elections!

July 15th, 2008

Voters could soon be offered the chance to win prizes in a new initiative to try and get people interested in voting (The BBC). The idea that you could win something or even pick up a free doughnut was not a way to buy votes but a method to incentivise voters to take part in the democratic process.

The Daily Mail suggests that a prize draw to win prizes such as a Plasma TV would be an ideal way to overcome low turnout figures.

I’d be swayed by a free doughnut (there’s not much I’d not do for a free doughnut come to think of it….. hmmmmm, doughnuts) but the prize incentive could lead to all sorts of problems!

Would naughty compers try and get extra entries by getting their kids and pets to vote?
Would some compers try and vote in another area because they had a better prize?
What if the winner has the same surname as the winning councillor?
Would automated entry services charge to vote and enter for you?

Would the chance to win a prize encourage you to vote?

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