What Do Others Think Of Twitter Competitions?

July 27th, 2009

There have been a couple of high profile twitter competitions lately, most notably the Moonfruit Macbook one. According to The NMA Twitter pulled Moonfruit from it’s trending topics list as it’s competition possibly became a bit too spammy (400 tweets a minute at one point).

However, not all twitter competitions are as successful – so what do other bloggers think of twitter competitions?

One of the most interesting and revealing reports comes from Unwrapped Travel’s thoughs on running a competition online and on twitter. They provide an extensive commentary on their promotion, including number of entries and the problems, such as spammers and picking a winner, that they encountered.

They have said that running the competition was fun and that they’d do it again, but if you’re planning your own prize draw, make sure you read the article (especially the bit about using short hashtags).

Affiliate marketeer wonders if running competitions on Twitter to gain followers is vanity, insanity or genius. If a promoter gains thousands of followers he wonders what they’re going to do with them, a valid point if you’re looking to build up your own following by offering prizes!

The question of followers is also raised over at Twitip who look at the positives and negatives of Twitter competitions.

They pose the conundrum would you prefer to have a follower who is interested in what you’re saying or hundreds who just want something you’re offering for free? However, they do make suggestions about how competitions could be used more effectively.

If you are contemplating running a twitter competition the above blogs will provide you with invaluable insight and advice.

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