What Is Yipiii? Is It A New Way To Win?

October 15th, 2011

This week we were alerted to a new competition site called Yipiii. It describes itself as The World’s No.1 Winmarket and offers users to play for over 450,000 products. We thought we’d go and take a look.

The idea behind Yipiii is that you can play to win an item before you buy it. To do this you need to be registered and have credits (although you do get some free ones when you join). You then spin the Wheel of Winning and if all the red segments align then you win the item.

Incidentally, we tried the Winning Wheel on the demo play and managed to “win” every three spins, no doubt to make us think that playing for real would be equally as successful. We also couldn’t find any information on the site about the chances of winning the item you’re spinning for.

If you don’t win the item and decide to go on and buy it (via their affiliate links) then you’ll get your gaming credits refunded. There are also prize draws and free spins on offer. Take a look at the video above as that explains things a lot better.

Scrape away the wheels and spins and essentially Yipiii is an instant win site which will cost you £1 a go and there are no guaranteed prizes (i.e. they don’t give odds or that £x of prizes will be won in a specific time period). After that it’s a shopping site that gives you cashback provided you shop via them.

Do people win? The site does have a winners page with quotes from happy contestants. You can also look at comments from users via their Facebook Page.

Yipiii is an interesting concept, with the idea is to have a go at winning something that you’ve already decided to buy! Whether shoppers or even compers will embrace that concept we’re not so sure. It might be fun to try once or twice (or try and win with the free credits), but will it catch on and revolutionise online shopping?

We’re not so sure!

Let us know what you think? Is it yippee or boo for Yipiii?

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