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October 5th, 2016

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Over the years we’ve seen comping move to many different formats such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However one area we’ve not really focused on is mobile apps. There are a handful of apps that you can use on a regular basis and have the chance to win a prize. Back in 2015 we mentioned Tengi but there are more opportunities out there.

For example Raffler gives you the chance to win daily cash prizes. So far they’ve given away over £216,000! You can download the app for iPhone and Android mobiles. Once downloaded you simply register – they ask for your email, password, full name, birth date, postcode and gender. If you gave a referral code then you can also add that!

Getting Started With Raffler

Taking part in Raffler is pretty easy. You enter the daily prize draw simply by watching two adverts. Complete that task and you’ll get allocated a ticket number! You then have to return to the site after 7pm to find out if your lucky number has won the draw. If the prize isn’t claimed within 24 hours then the jackpot rolls over to the next day.

We tried Raffler for the first time today and surprisingly only saw one advert – and that was for Raffler itself. The second advert was given to us as a ‘freebie’. So for watching one advert we now have the chance to win £1000! In these days of like, share, jump through hoops and sell your soul – that’s pretty easy!

So how is Raffler funded and how can they dish out big cash prizes every day?

Well, if you’re familiar with The Free Postcode Lottery and similar sites then essentially it works in the same way. Advertisers pay to show their ads and some of the money raised goes into the pot. The more people who play then the bigger the site gets and the bigger the prizes available. Of course everything really depends on having advertisers.

Chances Of Winning?

One thing that’s unclear is just how many people are playing the game and therefore what the chances of winning are. However in a recent article in The Telegraph it was reported that Raffler has “had 1.2million plays and given away over £150,000 in prize money”. Assuming those plays are over 150 days (£1000 per day) then that equates to 8000 entries a day.

Adding the Raffler app was very simple and entering the prize draw even easier. In fact the hardest thing about this app is remembering to login and check to see if you’ve won – and you can set up an email reminder for that. Is it ‘too good to be true’? Well they’ve dished out a lot of prizes so far so that’s good news – our only concern is what happens if the only ads we see are the Raffler ones? No paying ads doesn’t bode well for the future.

Still, in the mean time get the Raffer app and see if you can win the next £1000 jackpot.

Disclaimer – Loquax has not been paid for this blog post. Views are our own.

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