Win £100K With Roman Kemp & Capital Breakfast

Win £100K With Roman Kemp & Capital Breakfast

Eagle eyed readers may spot that the Loquax Blog has undergone a little bit of a revamp. We’ve made a few changes to the structure of the blog and started tagging old posts so that they can easily be found. For example you’ll now be able to see all our win a house, automated entries, comping tips and newsletter posts in the same sections.

Win £1000 Daily

Whilst updating things on the blog we stumbled across one of our very first posts which covered controversy with respect to a Magic FM Winner. That’s when a £168,000 prize was withdrawn and the winner of a name the voices competition disaqualified! One thing you’ll also notice is just how short our blogs were back then. Fast forward 13 years and our blogs are a little bit longer and surprisingly radio stations are still involved in name the voice competitions. Thankfully (so far anyway) there’s no controversy so you might want to tune in to Capital FM daily until Valentine’s Day 2020. This is because the I’m A Celebrity star and Breakfast DJ, Roman Kemp, has £1000 cash to giveaway every week day. On top of that there’s also the small issue of a £100,000 grand prize that’s also up for grabs.

How To Enter

To enter this competition you’ll need to tune in to Capital FM every week day at 9am. Roman will play a mystery voice and your job is to identify who it belongs to. Entry to the prize draw is by text only. You will need to text ROMAN followed by your answer to 83958. The downside of the competition is that each entry costs £1.50 and you must be aged 18 years or over to participate. If you get the answer correct then you’re in the daily draw to win £1000. Additionally – even if you don’t win the £1000 – if you get the answer correct then you get an entry into the Valentine’s Day draw to win £100,000. Because of the price of entry our advice is make sure you are 100% certain of your answer. Apparently Roman will be providing clues so don’t rush in with your text. Your entry needs to be in by 8am the next day (or Monday for the Friday round). A search on social media might also help you locate the daily answer.

Be Ready To Answer The Phone

One important to thing to remember when entering this particular competition is that you need to be available to answer your phone should you be chosen as a winner. If you can’t answer the phone when Capital FM come a calling then your “prize” will more than likely become someone else’s prize. Imagine you’re the £100K winner and you choose Valentine’s Day not to answer your phone! Full details of the competition, including the terms and conditions, can be found at Wake Up With Roman Kemp. Good luck if you choose to enter this one.


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If you regularly move in comping circles then you may well have seen the words “Make Me A Winner” mentioned once or twice.