Win A Smart Car – But Only For Eight Weeks!

November 29th, 2013

Smart are excited to announce the launch of #smart21, a digital treasure hunt and that gives you the opportunity to win a smart Edition 21 – but only for eight weeks – and a variety of other exciting prizes including shopping vouchers, a weekend away and cinema tickets. Each day, the smart car will be hiding in secret locations across Manchester, Bristol and London and it’s up to you to guess where the car is!

To get involved, all you need to do is drop a pin on the interactive map to highlight where you think the car is hiding. To enter, just head over to Smart21, To give you a helping hand, smart will be releasing daily clues across Facebook, Twitter, the microsite and via key influencers, so keep your eyes peeled.

As well as being in with a chance of winning the smart Edition 21 for 8 weeks there are lots of prizes up for grabs so check in daily for more chances to win. Amongst the goodies on offer are an iPod, fashion vouchers, spa vouchers and cinema vouchers. Thankfully you can keep them for longer than just eight weeks. It does seem a bit strange to us to offer a car for just two months – it hardly seems like a prize! We’re pretty sure that Smart could afford to perhaps to giveaway a motor to one winner?

These kind of treasure hunt games are becoming quite popular of late (see we do keep an eye on things). There was a Fair Trade one recently and currently Sony have one running. The prizes for the Sony competition are pretty good too.

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