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April 20th, 2020

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Trivia quiz competitions have always be part of the online competition sector. Way back in the day Uproar, who featured on Loquax and were one of the reasons we could afford to run the site back then, used to run fun quiz games where you could qualify for prize draws. Sadly they’re no longer around but there are still options to test your general knowledge and potentially win a cash prize. The most recent quiz we’ve spotted is at ITV. It runs on weekdays and it’s called “Win O Clock”.

How To Play ITV’s Win O Clock Quiz

When we first saw ITV’s Win O Clock we expected that it would be a live trivia game. These live quizzes became popular in 2018/19 with the likes of HQ Trivia and The Sun’s Q Live. What better than a live quiz whilst people are online during the current pandemic? Sadly Win O Clock isn’t live it’s simply a competition that you play alone although the entry window is limited as Win O Clock only plays between 1pm and 1.15pm.

To take part in the quiz you need to login to ITV during the entry period. First time players are asked for a mobile number and a code is sent to your phone so you can verify your details. Once you’ve confirmed the number is correct you then are asked to add a four digit password number. It’s then straight on with the quiz questions. Each day you need to answer five multiple choice questions, but you only have 40 seconds to give your answer.

Win Cash Prizes

We entered today’s quiz and the questions were relatively easy. The questions are all general knowledge and the answer usually stood out like a saw thumb. However if you ever get stuck we think that you could easily Google the answer within 40 seconds! It’s worth trying to get the answers right because only players with five correct are included in the daily prize. At time of writing three winners each receive £250, £150 and £50 respectively. These prizes can be paid to your Paypal account or bank account.

If you like to put your general knowledge to the test then there are other online trivia quizzes that you can try. We’ve highlighted some of them on Loquax but note that they do take place on gambling brands. The good news is that they are free and to play you just need to be registered. Also you’ll need to be over 18 and a UK resident. These live quizzes take place at different times daily and if you can answer 10 questions correctly then prizes can be up to a share of £1000.

Free Quiz

There are plenty of places online where you can try various quizzes. Regular forum users may remember we used to share a regular pub quiz. This quiz was provided by via PlayBuzz. Joe no longer use PlayBuzz but do run a weekly pub quiz. These are great for giving the old grey cells a grilling. If you like live quizzes then join them on Facebook every Friday at 8pm.

More recently a Loquax user posted about their new website – Quiz King. Look out for the QuizCast and test your knowledge with the latest quiz. There are no prizes on offer but it might be a fun activity to try if you’re at home with the family or you fancy going on Zoom and trying the quiz with friends. If you know of any other good quiz resources then let us know in the comments below.

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