Win Cash With Free Chat App Tengi

August 21st, 2015

The fast moving pace of technology means that there’s always a new way to win online or via mobile. The latest addition to the comping world is an app called Tengi. It’s a messaging app along the lines of What’s App but with a subtle difference. Every week they intend to give away £1000, plus lots of smaller cash prizes, to Tengi users.

The video above explains it in more detail, but essentially a share of the ad revenue that is generated from usage of Tengi will be dished out in prizes. The site says it intends to commit to giving back 50% of revenue. Presumably as the community on Tengi grows then so will the prize funds.

Away from the prizes the app offers the same facilities as other services – free text, image and video messages. The only downside is that if you and your family are on other services then you would need to get them to move across. If you don’t fancy upping sticks from your favoured chat then why not create a comping circle for chats and sharing?

Do people win? Well below is their first big prize winner – and the second will be drawn tonight.

Tengi is available free to download on Apple and Android. Note you do have to give your mobile number when you register. We downloaded it to take a look and immediately got two tickets for the next draw. You can earn additional tickets when contacts join Tengi, if your friends win, for every hour you use the app, when you use it for a day and if you keep the app installed.

To be honest it’s not something that floats our boat as we’re not into chat apps, but it might appeal to those who love whatsapp etc. Now is probably a good time to get involved as there’s more chance of winning the prizes – if it takes off then it will be interesting to see how it fairs and the kind of prizes available.

If you do give it a try then do let us know how you get on with it. By the way we’re not being paid for this blog nor get anything from writing it.

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