Win Holidays Of A Lifetime With

Win A Holiday At BNGet

Win Holidays Of A Lifetime With

The online raffle sector continues to attract new start-ups. Earlier in the week we covered Elite Competitions who are offering cars, motorbikes and tech as prizes. Joining them are BNGet (B & Get) who are giving players at their site the opportunity to win a dream holiday. For just £5 you could be heading to The Maldives on a holiday worth an incredible £22,000! So how does BNGet work and is it worth a play? There are huge differences between BNGet and Elite Competitions. The former’s website looks a lot more professional for starters. Furthermore BNGet use a skill based mechanic – spot the ball – whilst Elite Competitions utilise a multiple choice option. To play at BNGet you simply select the holiday prize you’d like to win. The selection includes The Maldives, Orlando, St Lucia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and Lapland. The ticket price varies from £2 to £5 and depends on the location.

Trips Of A Lifetime

Once you’ve made your selection you then need to “spot the ball” on a 1280×850 shot. After that it’s simply a case of logging in by email or Facebook and then completing the purchase. The competition will close on a fixed date and the position of the ball determined by a judge. The player who’s selection is closest to the judged position will be the winner. The winner can then choose to take their selected holiday or opt for a 50% cash prize.

At time of writing BNGet only had one competition running – but with nine holiday destinations offered. This is the 5th competition that’s been run by BNGet. Previous winners have won trips to Santorini and Las Vegas. The holiday prizes are “trips of a lifetime” and includes five star luxury accommodation and flights. Full details of each trip are given on the site. In addition the site was offering a special bonus of buy one ticket get two free although this expires on the 20th January 2019.

Spot The Ball

There are a couple of question marks over BNGet. Firstly there’s no indication of the number of entries made in each competition. To be fair this isn’t done at either, but it’d be nice to know just how many tickets get sold. Secondly when arriving on the BNGet website we’re greeted with “WIN YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY FROM £2” at a shot of The Maldives holiday worth £22,000. The fact is that it costs £5 to enter to win that particular prize. Therefore it does feel a bit misleading. Additionally, the more established spot the ball company do offer holiday prizes such as Luxury Trip to Kenya worth £15,000. Ticket prices cost just 75p. Furthermore if you won and opted to take the cash prize alternative then this would be 80% of the prize value, not 50% as offered by BNGet.

That said, are still in their infancy and therefore may attract less interest than If you can pick up tickets with a special offer then it could be worth a punt as an alternative to playing the lottery or wagering on bingo. Unfortunately there are no free entry options or free prize draws available at this time.